Radical Leftists Have Bizarre Meltdown Over Game Of Thrones Episode

Spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones so if you’re not looking for that, stop reading.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can talk about how last week’s episode caused a clown world tier meltdown. The episode of course featured Daenerys Targaryen going insane and burning down King’s Landing after they had surrendered. Thousands of innocent people were burned alive and her closest allies were horrified at what went down.

Plenty are angry about it from a writing standpoint, which is understandable. David Beinoff and D.B. Weiss – commonly referred to as D&D – have drawn the ire of the fan base over poor writing for a couple years now. It has really boiled over this year following what fans perceived as a let-down episode 3 and they were angry again on Sunday.

The chief complaint is that Danny seemingly turned out of nowhere. She went from being this just, free ruler who claimed she would “never want to be queen of the ashes”. Then after she saves the North, she randomly decides to go dragon Hitler. Randomly in show terms, that is.

I haven’t read the books, but Danny’s character is apparently more erratic in them. George R.R. Martin portrayed her personality as more unpredictable and her eventual transition to the “mad queen” is more foreshadowed. Plus, show viewers saw her use extreme violence while freeing the slave cities; though it was seemingly justified at the time. Not to mention the whole incest/Targaryeans going crazy hints that have been dropped since season 1.

So long story short, internet fanboys were pissed about the direction of the show. Danny “stans” were among the most livid and included in their ranks were some deranged, radical leftists because, of course.

Thought GOT Wouldn’t Be Politicized? Think Again

Game of Thrones has long had plenty of “virtue signalling” type moments. Nothing too bad, in my opinion, but still some corny stuff. For example, how does Brienne beat the hound? He ends up taking out the entire King’s guard yet is somehow defeated by her? It was your typical “women are as physically strong as men” fantasy brought to you by the same crowd who will call someone “anti science” for questioning climate change alarm-ism.

Yes it had things like that, but they were tame. What last week’s episode triggered was a full on meltdown among radical leftists who just couldn’t comprehend how a show didn’t cater to their social agendas.

We’ve gotten several articles about how the show got “female empowerment wrong” and your typical “fuck white men” cat ladies who are presented as intellectual titans. You see, Game of Thrones is not a fictional TV show based on a book that includes dragons and zombies; like everything else, it has to be a vehicle for their world-view or it is bad.

Just take a look at some of these reactions.

Some aren’t pissed, however. Others actually managed to make it about colonialism because, clown world.

Lost on this crowd is the irony of people wealthy enough to afford a premium channel like HBO whining about oppression. These spoiled, deluded, fully grown infants have lived such sheltered lives that they can’t imagine everything not revolving around them. Game of Thrones giving them an ending that didn’t satisfy their appetite for forced social engineering is too much to take.

Forget about how seemingly every Netflix series panders to this cult’s every desire. Gay characters forced into every story-line, white men portrayed as clueless morons, black men getting the whites “in line” like the Gilette commercial. It’s everywhere, anywhere and freely available.

Virtuous black dude stops marauding white orc from harassing women in the Gilette propaganda film

But that isn’t good enough. It isn’t good enough because these people are nothing but hateful, unaccomplished nobodies who lash out against everything they disagree with. Their lives are so miserable that instead of enjoying GOT after a long weekend, their first instinct is to complain.

The good news is that these losers are finally just letting their true colors fly. Their entire agenda is clearly just “fuck white people, fuck western civilization, and fuck anyone who gets in my way”. For years, this faction has been able to get away with excuses for their hatred due to media bias, but those days are over.

Just always remember what this crowd is at their core. They’re people who are simply resentful of their betters. The ones who chose a four year, $100,000 party and now blame capitalism for why they can’t find a job that pays it off. The scrawny losers who have never been in a fist-fight yet tweet about how they’re gonna “punch Nazis”, otherwise known as anyone who isn’t a far left communist.

It really is that blunt, they’re just fucking losers. That’s all there really is to it

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