Imagine Caring What Bill Nye Has To Say About Anything

There was a time in many of our lives when Bill Nye was the man. Multiple generations of American students remember that awesome feeling of walking into a science class and seeing that it was gonna be a Bill Nye day. For some it was the classic box TV on a cart set up at the front of the classroom and for others it was the Smartboard. No matter what, Bill Nye “the science guy” was the man when we were growing up and nothing will ever take away from that.

However, we fast forward to the present day and Bill Nye has turned into quite the douchebag. He has turned into a political shill, mostly for climate change, and has seemingly mastered the art of playing a scientist rather than being one.

For one, the topics that Bill Nye covered when we were kids were elementary science factoids like oxygen and gravity. Material so basic that any functioning adult can understand, hence why it is taught to children.

People seem to have this idea that because Bill Nye told them a bunch of basic facts when they were younger, he must therefore be some respected authority on all things science. In actuality the guy is just reading lines off a screen, but don’t tell woke Twitter that. He’s Bill Nye, and when Bill Nye says something, it’s real talk.

So again, Bill Nye has made an entire career off of pretending to be one of the influential minds of his time. Did he go to Cornell? Sure. Does he have a degree in mechanical engineering? He does, and that certainly means that Nye is no dumb ass.

However, just because Nye obtained an impressive degree from a prestigious university does not mean that every word out of his mouth is an undisputed fact. This isn’t 1541 where if you were one of the .01% that went to college, you went to become an expert on everything. We live in a time of highly specialized degrees and fields that have defined areas of focus.

Sure, Bill Nye’s education and later work at Boeing certainly count for something, but what authority does that give him to lecture with certainty about the climate? Apparently he never answered that question himself, given the fact that he’s been making a new career off of climate change alarm-ism for the past decade.

That continued this past weekend on John “current year” Oliver when Nye went on a rant about that very subject. In short, Nye curses a bunch of times and essentially says that if you don’t give up all your rights, right fuckin now, the planet will die. Of course because it’s Bill Nye, Twitter lapped it up like trained seals.

Science man said the bad men will destroy planet, and he said fuck!

I love how Kamala Harris thinks so little of her voter base that she (correctly) knew that they would listen to Bill Nye without question.

Nye was on the show to talk about the green new deal, which as you may know, is essentially just the introduction of communism. Proposed by teen congress girl Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, the green new deal is so radical that not even democrats supported it. It called for the elimination of air travel, a steady income for those “unwilling or unable to work” and upgrading all existing buildings in the United States in the name of energy efficiency. It would cost upwards of 50 trillion and would essentially erase personal freedom, but this isn’t about viability.

The green new deal, Bill Nye’s rant and all the other theatrics employed by the modern left are about triggering an emotional response. It’s the typical “you’re good and these people who think differently are bad” style forced messaging that “educated” progressives swallow without question.

Any mention of all the ridiculous doomsday predictions from just the last century, such as NYC being under water by the year 2000 will not be discussed. Or how about California’s high speed rail line that has amounted to nothing more than a multi-billion dollar black hole?

Nope, you’ll never hear anything about any of those. Just emotional drivel about how people “will die”, Bill Nye might curse and maybe even mention white supremacy because; why not at this point? The modern left is good at selling rhetoric but when it comes to action, we get the high speed rail-line debacle.

It boils down to this. The modern “progressive” faction of the DNC is nothing but regressive, authoritarian mouth-pieces pushing failed policies that led to the destruction of personal freedom and the death of millions in the 20th century. Politicians like AOC are out for personal gain and recognition. They will say any and everything if it can be used for a good sound-byte and their lifestyle choices are the polar opposite of what they preach.

For the voters who buy into this nonsense; the hysteria isn’t based on emotionless analysis of the facts, but cult-like group-think and the silencing of anyone who disagrees. I grew up around many of these people and can speak to just how insulated the modern progressive is. Their parents, teachers, professors, and all media they digest tell them the same things and their views are never challenged.

Anyone who speaks up against authoritarian leftists is an uneducated, braindead, racist hick who wants minorities to starve and destroy the planet. This insulation and entitlement has led to a point where radical, college aged progressives are breaking down at the mere existence of other views.

Those who follow this ideology can’t sit there and tell you exactly how the planet will die, but we WILL die – rest assured – and you’re a bad person. Bill Nye said it, something about 99% of scientists (whatever that even means) and PEOPLE WILL DIE! Just stop using facts, such as how the U.S. is the global leader in CO2 reductions despite leaving the Paris Accords. Or how China and India have increased their own exponentially and have rivers of trash, smog cities and environmental regulations that are where ours were in the early 1900’s.

We will all die unless individuals stop thinking for themselves and surrender to mob mentality.

At the end of the day, it’s shocking really. How did people who got participation trophies (I know it’s an overused reference, but they were real) grow up to be so entitled? How did the people who are moved by a guy yelling “the planet will fuckin die if you don’t give up your rights” get to be so unstable? How did those who never had their views challenged get to a place of silencing all opposing viewpoints without rational explanation? One of the great mysteries of our time.

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