Four TV Show Characters That Twitter Would Roast Alive In 2019


With the final episode of Game of Thrones set to air this Sunday, fans will miss both the show and the memes that have come from it. There has been some great content generated in regards to TV shows over the years but nothing close to what Season 8 of GOT has brought about. From Bran popping up around Winterfell to the seemingly endless supply of unsullied, Twitter hasn’t skipped a beat.

While memes have been around for years, the internet seems to have collectively stopped giving a fuck around the year 2014. Nothing is off-limits anymore and the jokes have gotten wildly creative.

The Bran memes are arguably some of the funniest material in the history of Twitter and we will all be devastated when the supply gets cut off. As sad as it is, the whole thing got me thinking.

I just can’t help but think of the content there would have been had iconic shows been airing in 2019. What in god’s name would Twitter be like while the Sopranos was on? I mean sure, memes/funny videos get pulled from old television shows all the time, but it isn’t the same. Almost the whole fan base is seemingly on Twitter while Game of Thrones is on which means that the content reaches tens of millions.

We can only imagine what that would have been like for other iconic shows. What would Twitter’s overall response be and, more importantly, which characters would be fried up? There are four that instantly popped into my head and it’s killing me that we’ll never get to see 2019, no fucks given Twitter roast these people.

Some of these shows aired while Twitter was around, but it simply wasn’t the same place. Basically, these shows peaked when meme’s were still in the bad luck Brian stage. So without further introduction, here are four characters that the internet/Twitter would torch in 2019.

Jack Bauer – 24

Who doesn’t love Jack Bauer? America’s most effective counter-terrorism agent leaped into action immediately following 9/11 and will do whatever it takes in order to stop terrorists. Need to kidnap a sheriff and hold a gas station hostage in order to create a distraction? No problem. Or what if you need Jack to get addicted to heroin to help track down a drug trafficker? No questions asked, Jack Bauer will do whatever is required of him for 24 hours straight. He also goes through the whole series playing on recruit difficulty and is the world’s best marksman with a handgun.

The most important aspect of Jack Bauer’s character and the one that would get him roasted by Twitter, is the yelling. Jack Bauer yells everything and especially tears into his assistant Chloe, AKA “Gail the snail”.

24 content on Twitter would be a sight to behold but we will sadly never get that chance. FOX tried to recapture 24’s magic with 24:Legacy in 2016 but the show was doomed from the start. No Jack Bauer, no 24. It’s that simple.

Carl Grimes – The Walking Dead

Now this one might be a stretch due to the fact that The Walking Dead is currently airing and has been the subject of Twitter content in the past. At the peak of its popularity in seasons 2-3, The Walking Dead took over Twitter and there were all kinds of memes from and about it. For example, I remember Twitter poking fun at Herschel’s unlimited shotgun ammo during the battle of Herschel’s farm in the season 2 finale.

That said, TWD has since faded in popularity and while it still has a loyal fan-base, it isn’t on the level it once was. As a result, the show doesn’t take over Twitter like it once did and the memes are less numerous. Plus when The Walking Dead was at its peak, Twitter was a much tamer place. That was before the no fucks given timeline shift in 2014 where any and everything became fair game.

So that said, we were robbed of seeing what memes would have been inspired by Carl in 2019. In the early seasons of the show, Carl was a colossal fuck-up who gave off the same emo vibes that Bran would give off. But unlike Bran, Carl was thoroughly disliked by the fan base.

Twitter’s current form would have been ruthless to creepy ass, season 2 Carl. That’s just a fact. The only thing we got were some top text/bottom text, 2010 style memes that boomers post on Facebook.

I mean does that meme not just scream Facebook boomer? It even has one of those shitty, meme generator app icons. Truly a sorry sight to behold and we deserved better.

A.J. Soprano And Jackie Jr. – The Sopranos

Early seasons A.J. Soprano is one of the most insufferable television show characters of all time. While Tony’s mother gives him a run for his money, A.J. just comes across as the supreme fuck-up and disappointment to everyone around him. Tony’s kids are also spoiled as hell in the early seasons, especially A.J. While Meadow grows out of it, A.J. never stops being a child and takes on all of tony’s negative traits.

As annoying as A.J. is early on, his plot does get more dark/serious and becomes less joke-worthy in the later seasons. The Sopranos was great because it dealt with real-life issues on top of being a show about the mafia and that showed in A.J’s character.

Another Sopranos character that needs a mention is Jackie Jr. Jackie didn’t have it in him to be a mobster and is quite arguably one of the most incompetent characters in the history of television. Jackie Jr. is a name synonymous with failure and stupidity. It’s a shame that the Sopranos peaked when MySpace was top dog because Jackie Jr. wold be the subject of ridicule.

Walt Jr. – Breaking Bad

Last but certainly not least we have Walt Jr.. Like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad aired during the Twitter era and Walt Jr. found himself the target of memes. But in another similarity to Carl, the memes that targeted Walt Jr. were weak and forced. They primarily focused on breakfast since he asks about it multiple times throughout the series.

It wasn’t breakfast though. The thing that was ultimately annoying about Walt Jr. was his absolute obliviousness. This man was totally out of the loop on everything that was happening in the show and didn’t catch on until so late.

Now I know what you’re thinking, Walt Jr. is off-limits because both he and the actor who plays him are disabled, right? That shouldn’t be the case. It has nothing to do with his disability and everything to do with how clueless his character was. Walt Jr.’s only contributions to Breaking Bad were asking questions that we’ve known the answer to for years and he was entirely useless.

The current version of Twitter would not spare Walt Jr, and maybe that’s for the best.

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