Psychotic State Rep. Brian Sims Issues “Apology” Video

After receiving fierce backlash both locally and nationally, PA State Representative Brian Sims has issued an “apology video”; if you can even call it that. Sims has of course found himself in hot water following the circulation of two videos that show him berating pro-life protesters and offering money to dox them.

One of the videos shows Sims gleefully offering $100 for anyone who could dox any of three teenage girls.

After getting dragged all day, Sims issued a two minute “apology” in which he justifies his actions for 1:50 of it before giving this Kanye style, “I’m sorry you’re offended but I’m still right” statement.

He goes on and on about how he does what he does “for women” and speaks at lengths about the wrong doings of the pro-life protesters. He mentions the “insults, the slurs, the attacks” and smugly states how protesters gather to “pray at, not pray for” people. He also throws racism in there because, why not man? Just get all the buzzwords in.

After speaking for a minute and 30 seconds about how his actions are justified, he says that “as an activist, I understand respect” then says he “didn’t show that” and will do better.

Not once in his self satisfying, dramatic monologue did he show any evidence of the claims he was levying against these protesters. The only videos we’ve seen are those that show Sims harassing teenage girls and elderly women. Sims also never apologized for anything, just gave himself a pat on the back and got right back to his day.

Sims Has A History Of Bizarre Behavior

Before this incident, Sims was perhaps best known for flipping off Mike Pence in a Facebook post upon his visit to Philadelphia last June. In what seems to be a pattern for this guy, he went on another self satisfying monologue in which he throws in even more buzzwords and threats. The champion of equality and diversity then ends his post with “get out”. A really nice guy, as you can gather.

From Brian Sims’ Facebook Page

Sims truly is the embodiment of the modern left, particularly the element that lives on the internet. His entire life he’s been able to shut people down by calling them bigots, racists, homophobes or anything else he can dig up while saying whatever he pleases. Anything thrown back at him will be struck down while his views are supported by the mainstream media. As a result, this incident is hardly a speed bump for him and nothing will happen.

The final product of Sims’ pampered upbringing is an entitled man child who has never been told no in his life. He’s so used to being able to do whatever he pleases that he now feels so bold to openly harass your family in the streets. Brian Sims truly is the embodiment of the modern left: completely insulated from criticism, tough on the internet and an absolute nobody when push comes to shove.

Every statement this guy gives or stunt he pulls is done knowing that it will be circle-jerked on Twitter while the people he targets are shut down.

Pushing Back On Big Tech Censorship Is How To Put An End To This Bullshit

Ultimately, the only way to push back against those like Sims is by chipping away at the monopoly that leftist radicals have on big tech. Companies like Facebook and Twitter simply cannot be allowed to continue doing what they do.

Their platforms have essentially become modern town squares. For that reason, first amendment rights should apply. The Ben Shapiro style, defeatist, “private company” line doesn’t accomplish anything here. The bottom-line is that Twitter and Facebook have become vital to the spread of information and in turn, the outcome of elections.

The only reason that lunatics like Brian Sims are allowed to do what they do is because big tech CEO’s like Jack Dorsey use their platforms for their personal agenda. It cannot stand and make no mistake, it is the biggest threat to a free society that there is. Don’t believe it? Just take a look at how many “bot” accounts Facebook purged in the build-up to the 2018 midterms.

If big tech censorship becomes the front-line issue that it should already be, losers like Brian Sims will crumble. It really is that simple.

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