Brian Sims: Internet Tough Guy And Embodiment Of The Modern Left

Many are outraged following multiple videos of PA Congressman Brian Sims berating pro-life protesters outside Planned Parenthood and offering money to dox them. Doxxing of course is the practice of placing an individuals address, phone number and other information online for…. peaceful purposes. The videos have been making the rounds as far as right-leaning circles go but hardly anything in the way of mainstream coverage. Maybe if he committed a heinous act like smirking while wearing a MAGA hat it would be covered, but this one doesn’t seem to fit the agenda.

Sims – a Democrat – has served as District 182’s representative in the Pennsylvania House since 2012. One of two videos causing backlash shows Sims berating protesters outside a Planned Parenthood office while calling them “pseudo-Christians”. He then offers $100 to anyone who can identify any of three teenage girls so that people can “protest” outside of their homes.

Another video shows Sims berating an elderly women for 7+ minutes as she prays the rosary.

Threatening physical harm and calling for the release of personal information goes against the T.O.S of both Twitter and Periscope, but that doesn’t matter. Sims can do whatever he pleases while AOC parody accounts are banned from the site.

The privilege and protection that Brian Sims enjoys on Twitter, Periscope and the lack of coverage this incident has received are all part of what enables a man like him to be elected. Sims is the type to label a mainstream conservative a “Nazi” as he attempts to silence people for their beliefs. The type of person who can dish it out but will never, ever take it. (Sorry, some “mom lines” are just too good).

If you criticize an earthworm like Brian Sims, you can rest assured that the “gay card” will be used. This dude’s entire political career is based upon his gay identity and how much of a victim he is. He also represents an area that is 72.5% white yet talks about white people as if they’re inherently bad in the video.

Brian Sims Is The Definition Of The Privilege Leftists So Frequently Whine About

You see, Brian Sims is the embodiment of the modern – typically white – elitist liberal. They live in affluent, majority white communities, send their kids to private schools and have lived very comfortable lives since birth. They throw “hate has no home here” signs on their lawn to show that they’re woke while locking their car doors as black people walk by.

They were never the smartest kid in the classroom, but boy did they know how to kiss ass. They told their liberal teachers and professors exactly what they wanted to hear and were told they were geniuses for it. If anyone ever criticized them, it was because those people were uneducated, racist, white hicks who hate minorities. They say this in between lacrosse games on Sundays against schools like “St. Pippens Academy” or something.

There is an entire generation of liberals who have never been told no and it shows. Any criticism of them can be labelled as hate speech, racism, transphobia or whatever other buzzword is possible at the time and opposition will be silenced. As these people enter their 20’s and 30’s, the situation is getting worse.

All of this is how we got to the nightmarish hell that is the current U.S. political climate. The left lost one election in which they nominated one of the most unlikable candidates of all time and decided to throw a years long temper tantrum. Ten years ago we were a country of polite disagreements, now we are a nation of sharp divides.

Since America has an entire generation of spoiled, suburban liberals who freak out over avocado price hikes, the result has been disastrous. Any civility or social courtesy has been thrown out the window in the name of stamping out any thought that goes against coastal elites. As a result, America is deeply divided and bullies like Brian Sims have risen to power.

These People Only Have Power Because We Refuse To Speak Out Enmasse

For most of us, political issues may be distressing but we press on with our lives. We have jobs, families and interests and want to spend time on them. As authoritarian and intrusive as the modern left gets, most people go on with their day and pray that things get better. This is the way things typically are, but there are without doubt boundaries. As each day passes and America becomes increasingly polarized, those like Brian Sims continue to cross them.

It’s one thing to spew radical political opinions, insult those who disagree and smugly look down upon all those with a different opinion. It’s when families/livelihoods are threatened that people get fed up and say that they’re not gonna take the bullshit anymore.

When politics goes to places like Brian Sims took it, it stops being politics. When underage girls are threatened with doxxing for holding a political opinion, that stops being a political statement. It is, essentially, an act of war. Sims is saying that he will not tolerate a way of life that isn’t his and has gone so far as to call for the release of personal information.

If Representative Sims is this bold now, how bold will he be with more power? What is to stop a radical leftist from showing up at one of these people’s homes and attacking them? The answer is nothing.

Like the Covington Catholic incident, the Brian Sims videos are motivated purely by hate. Sims clearly has a personal beef with Christians and wants to use his office as a political tool against them. It isn’t about “helping women”, it’s about his beef with Christians and it’s incredibly obvious. Brian Sims, Jack Dorsey and everyone else who allows this cycle to continue are playing a different game.

But ultimately, all of this goes on because we allow it to. We can tolerate someone like Sims barking on Twitter, but when they start threatening people’s families, all bets are off. It isn’t a left/right thing, it’s a civilized society vs. a Balkanized hellhole thing.

If we continue to speak up against the double standards/censorship that allow bullies like Sims to thrive, they will crumble. Ultimately these types are weak people, hence why they only get by via silencing and intimidation. Essentially, leftist power is a paper tiger. One strong push will knock it down and reveal how flimsy it always was.

As nutcases like Sims continue to take the mask completely off, the left will be exposed for what it has become. As that happens, continue to drive the point home and look forward to the day where people like Brian Sims can no longer hide behind censorship and propaganda. You’ll be surprised how quickly they fade away.

That day will come, but don’t take your foot off the gas until we get there. We cannot condemn future generations to the likes of AOC and Brian Sims. Period and done.


  1. They’ve added “incitement to violence” to their repertoire recently. Another silencing tactic…how long until this douche pulls that card?

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