Media Sensationalism Has Allowed Joe Biden To Campaign On A Complete Lie

From the moment he announced his long anticipated run at the White House, Joe Biden has been campaigning on a complete and total lie. The former VP continues to invoke President Trump’s press conference in the wake of the Charlottesville incident, saying that Trump called Nazis “very fine people”. This “statement” is a tried and true talking point in hardcore leftist circles and is presented as a fact.

In reality, Trump spoke directly to reporters for over 16 minutes in that press conference and disavowed Nazis and white supremacists numerous times. Trump also disavowed David Duke, the KKK and neo-Nazis, ridiculous that he even had to do so but he did it anyway, during his campaign in 2016.

The “Nazis are very fine people” lie is taking what Trump said completely out of context. In the months leading up to the Charlottesville incident, far left groups like Antifa and other radical organizations had been shutting down conservative speakers at universities and attacking Trump supporters. These groups have not only been left alone by the same media outlets that rake Trump over the coals for every statement; they have at times been sanitized by CNN and Vox among other organizations and politicians. Trump simply pointed out that these same groups showed up at Charlottesville with the intent to cause violence and unrest while asking why the media refused to report on that.

Anyone can watch the press conference and see exactly what Trump truly said, but few bother to do so. That is because the average person – especially young adults – is bombarded with, for lack of a better word, propaganda 24-7.

In the name of “orange man bad”, blue checkmarks on Twitter and journalists who are bitter that they can no longer gate keep information have thrown civility out the window. They know what Trump truly said and they know what Antifa is, but they don’t care. Entire careers have been made off of opposition to Trump and they wouldn’t know what to do without these narratives. Mainstream journalists like to think of themselves as the “fourth estate”, but they have long since turned into nothing more than corporations competing for ratings and ultimately, cash.

Like establishment politicians, the establishment media wants things to remain as is. An outside the box president like Trump threatens the status quo, which means that guys like Jim Acosta can no longer look at themselves as gods amongst men who convey the “truth” to the unwashed masses. There is also plenty of clicks to be had in reporting on how every little thing Trump does is the end of the world and that’s what we’ve gotten.

But ultimately, all this media sensationalism has caused overwhelming damage to our country. It’s how Joe Biden can campaign on the complete lie that is “very fine people”. There are no journalists, at least not many in mainstream circles holding anyone accountable.

It goes without saying that this insane rhetoric has not, and will not be, leading anywhere pleasant. This type of sensationalism has taken America from a country where republicans and democrats respectively disagreed on issues to a land of two ideologically opposed groups. We are now a country where senators are harassed at restaurants, teenagers attacked for wearing hats and conservative ideas are not allowed to exist on college campuses.

This Is All Leading To A Very Bad Place

Again, all of this is created by and enabled by propagandists in the media posing as journalists. In the case of elites like Joe Biden, he’ll pander to a party that increasingly shifts to please the likes of AOC in hopes of one last political victory. He’ll build up people that will usher in a hellish world for his grandchildren in the name of personal gain.

As big of a spineless coward Biden is, this rhetoric has ultimately enabled far left elements to step out into the mainstream. Ilhan Omar and AOC will say whatever it takes to get a mob riled up. Think Biden invoking the Charlottesville lie is bad? Omar has called the President a “traitor” while AOC tried to call any criticism of her “incitement of violence against progressive women of color”.

AOC and Omar are playing an entirely different game, and it all started thanks to the media labeling anyone right of center as a Nazi. Radical leftists like them have gotten a free pass to say whatever they please, facts and civility be damned. The end result is an increasingly polarized society that seems to be splintering apart at rates I could have never imagined.

We have gotten to a point where narratives sell and nothing else. No matter what happens, the rhetoric of the last few years has given rise to the same far left elements that plagued 21st century Europe, in the United States. Biden will lose and be forgotten, the blue checkmarks will one day fade from your memory entirely, but the legacy of the media’s years long freak-out about Trump will be long-lasting.

If socialist tyranny comes to America, the mainstream media will have played a crucial role.

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