Chris Collinsworth Predicts A Standing Ovation For Roger Goodell At NFL Draft

They say that America is a country that wants football 365 days a year, so draft content isn’t hard to come by. Mock drafts and first round predictions for each NFL team based on needs have been floating around for months now. Some of these predictions are very in depth and well researched and other are pure keyboard GM.

I personally would fall into the latter category which is why I haven’t done any draft content. My knowledge on this draft class is quite shallow so I’m just here for the fireworks.

By fireworks of course I’m referring to all the ridiculous takes on social media that are bound to take place. Twitter is infamous for overreactions and takes that age like cheese, especially in regards to the NFL draft. For example, remember when people used to complain about how the Eagles should have drafted Earl Thomas instead of Brandon Graham? Graham would actually go through and block individual Twitter users who said stuff like that.

That’s the type of nonsense that I enjoy about pro sports drafts. The drunk fan screaming on his Snapchat story about how they shouldn’t have drafted a guy who goes on to be a four time All Star, pointless drama on social media and every keyboard GM in America having a take. I’m here for it.

So far, the most interesting take I’ve seen on Twitter has been from Chris “here’s a guy” Collinsworth. This man has gone so far as to predict a standing ovation for Roger Goodell of all people.

Now I’m all for bold, but this one is a little bit too bold. Roger Goodell is universally loathed by NFL fans, period. NFL fans are their own breed and they are all united in their dislike of Goodell. Regional norms have nothing to do with it and Goodell is gonna get booed.

To his credit though, Collinsworth acknowledged just how bold this was. He doubled down and told critics to file it away to @OldTakesExposed.

That level of boldness has to respected and I honestly kind of want to see him be right. They’ve got odds on everything now, so why not put a line on this? I’m sure there’s one somewhere.

I’d also just like to go on the record of saying that I think that Chris Collinsworth is a very good announcer. He calls it like he see’s it and I’ve never detected favoritism from him. Does he shill for the NFL at times? Sure, but every single person behind the mic of an NFL game is bound to do that.

Overall, Collinsworth is what you want in an analyst and I don’t get the slander. We all know it can be a-lot worse, as evidenced by Jason Witten. Witten really gave me a “Hodor” vibe in the booth and I think it worked out well for everybody with him returning to the field. Compare that train-wreck of a Monday Night Football broadcast to Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth and the latter pair sound like Hall of Famers.

So let’s just lay off the Collinsworth hatred that always seems to flair up during the season and just see if his bold prediction pays off.

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