Democrat DA Says His Office Will No Longer Prosecute Theft Of ‘Necessary’ Items Up To $750

Dallas DA John Crezuot has announced that his office will no longer prosecute theft of “necessary” items up to $750 unless there is evidence that the theft occurred for economic gain. Creuzot – a democrat – announced the new policy last week to the dismay of small business owners.

In a letter, Creuzot stated that “criminalizing poverty is counter-productive for our community’s health and safety”. The DA later tried to clarify his comments, saying “maybe I should say consumption items. Maybe I should put that in there”.

Some small business owners have reacted negatively to the news (wonder why). Cody Ellison – a man who owns three shops in Creuzot’s district – voiced he and his business partner’s displeasure. “This is not a victimless crime” he said to Fox 4. Ellison also questioned why the DA set such a high dollar amount and said that this policy would lead to a “floodgate” of shop lifters.

Photo: KERA News

It seems as though Mr. Crezuot has the same philosophy as new Philly DA Larry Krasner. You know, this belief that criminals are victims and only commit crimes due to economic disparity. This line of thinking falls right inwith the progressive, herd-like mentality where personal responsibility doesn’t exist.

I mean, I see what he’s saying on the surface. He almost certainly would probably use the classic “single mother” argument where she has to steal or starve. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but Crezuot’s policy is patently absurd and may as well be a tax on small businesses.

750 dollars? There’s no way this struggling single mother who hates herself for stealing archetype is going to rack up $750 of groceries. Anyone who’s ever been a cashier will tell you that there are plenty of people on food stamps who get more than the “essentials”. $750 dollars is like a prepaid trip to Whole Foods.

Plus, there is no way that a small business can sustain a loss like that on even a weekly basis. The product isn’t free; they order it and have razor thin margins. Grocery store employees know all too well just how thinly stocked the backroom is. Even the biggest corporations only have a handful of cases of the biggest sellers. If someone “who needs it” comes in and cleans them out, they’ll be out of business.

But again, this is where the lack of personal responsibility comes in. Crezuot’s base are typically of the mentality that all business owners are greedy barons who just seek to exploit and plunder. They aim these policies at “the wealthy”, but Jeff Bezos can sustain a $70 loss from Whole Foods. Mr. Ellison probably can’t, but he’s the one who suffers from Crezuot’s “good will”.

And we all know that Crezuot would be quick to prosecute someone for breaking into his own home, whether they needed it or not. Small business owners? Fuck them. It’s kinda like how Al Gore can use double the emissions of an average home to heat his pool while taxpayers have to ration showers in California.

When you’re at John Crezuot’s house and see that he’s got a new speaker that you need

The DA’s policies have been met with criticism from politicians as well. Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted out his displeasure and many have called for his removal.

It will never happen though. The John Crezuot’s of the world intend to tax the middle class to death and let criminals reign free. They do this from their gated communities and you’re a racist for saying otherwise. So honestly, it might be a good idea to take advantage of that Whole Foods shopping spree.

Except, if you’re white I wouldn’t try it. Even if you’re white and living paycheck to paycheck, you still have your privilege that can never be quantified. So shut up and realize that some people need it more than you, you heartless bigot.

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