Kyle Korver’s White Privilege Article Is Elitist Drivel

Kyle Korver’s essay was your typical over-dramatic leftist monologue that was heavy on emotion and light on facts or nuance. It even followed the drama queen essay formula to the letter.

Where one sentence is a paragraph.

I guess this adds dramatic effect? Who knows.

God I already hate even mimicking this writing style.

The entire piece is just Kyle Korver talking in this style about how racism is bad – as if this is a conversation that needs to be had. His reasoning for it is of course nothing more than personal anecdotes and feel good rhetoric that ultimately means nothing.

“Racism is bad. Hecklers are bad.”

Instead of studies and graphs about police brutality, job prospects and college scholarship opportunities, Korver went heavy on the feels. One of the main focal points is the recent incident where a Jazz fan allegedly yelled racial slurs at Russell Westbrook. We say allegedly because there is no confirmation that racial slurs were used. It is simply the always upstanding, never drama creating word of Russell Westbrook against some Jazz fans.

Now granted, the fan was banned for life from Jazz games and I do not support hecklers. The part where Korver talked about how the NBA is a full-time job for the players and that no-one should have to take that abuse at work, I agree 100%. Fans who aggressively heckle – racial slurs or not – should be punished and removed if necessary. But again, we have no confirmation. The Jazz fan was instantly labelled guilty because he supports the orange man. He claims that multiple people were yelling things, but whatever. The mob says he’s guilty, so he’s guilty.

Who cares though? Kyle Korver is going to turn some drunk asshole yelling mean things at Russell Westbrook into an over-dramatic speech because that’s what elitists like him do. Russell Westbrook makes over 35 million a year, yet Korver writes about black NBA players as if they’re dodging pick-up truck driving lynch mobs on their way to work. He talks about how a teammate’s mother didn’t feel like he was “safe” in Salt Lake City. Give me a fucking break.

When Do We Just Start Calling Bullshit What It Is?

I mean, just get out of here with that. At what point do we start calling this bullshit exactly what it is? A multi-millionaire professional athlete is among the safest in Salt Lake City. In one generation, most NBA players will make more than generations of mine. Yet, we give this idiotic narrative – that ultra wealthy black men somehow have it worse in America – credence.

And listen, I know all the comebacks to what I just said. I’ve heard the smug “akshully” from a 200k in debt sociology major about how “privilege isn’t just wealth, it means that every interaction with the police won’t be your last” or some over-dramatic, fact-less bullshit like that. It’s time to start calling this stuff what it is: absolute bullshit. It isn’t based on reality and data, but emotion and feelings.

It also must be said, yet again, that there are sinister actors behind “white privilege” messaging. There is no set criteria for what “privilege” is, but smug college kids and their media backers are ALWAYS right. No matter what, there’s some reason why a multi-millionaire black man has it better than a 9-5 white guy who can barely afford a studio apartment. They’ll tell you that white privilege doesn’t mean everything you have is because you’re white, but take one look at any given blue checkmark on Twitter and it becomes abundantly clear that it’s precisely what they think.

Race talk 24-7 and only doormat whites are tolerated as house pets who are “allowed at the cookout”. Guys like J Cole openly talk about how they want to essentially bring back segregation and are hailed as champions of “equality”.

Here’s the blunt truth: there is no systemic racism in 2019.

The black middle class is growing more than ever, unemployment is at record lows and African Americans have reached the highest office in the land. Guys like Exavier Pope here are so oppressed that they can have their narrative spread far and wide while the “privileged” are labelled as racist and silenced on a whim. It’s bullshit and needs to be called out as such. Stop giving olive branches to people who have shown what they’re about. No matter what, they’re always right and you’re always wrong; you’re always racist and they’re always woke.

I Have More In Common With My Black Co-Workers Than I Do With Kyle Korver

At the end of the day, the most maddening thing about Korver’s garbage essay was how he thinks that he and I have a-lot in common. Korver is so insulated and out of touch that he thinks our lives are similar just because we both have white skin.

In reality, Kyle Korver was blessed with great basketball ability and has used that to make millions of dollars. He has lived comfortably since turning pro and will do so for the rest of his life. He doesn’t know what it’s like to scrape by, yet he’ll lecture working class whites about their “privilege”. He’ll lecture them, but he gets to enjoy his wealth and “privilege” all because he paid lip service to black racists on Twitter.

Believe me, that’s all the white privilege crowd is. Nothing more than a coalition of resentful non-whites and white college students enjoying their last few years of relevance before debt, weight gain and overall hopelessness. These people don’t speak for everyday Americans – black or white – and I’m sick of letting them rip us apart.

I have nothing in common with limousine liberals like Kyle Korver. I do, however, have plenty in common with my black co-workers. It’s the same boat, same struggle, same routine for us. Are our lives exactly the same? Of course not. No two people have the same life experiences or background. I’ll even go so far as to say that I do think that blacks are adversely affected by bad policing and that isn’t a mainstream conservative thought by any stretch.

Ultimately though, this entire issue is overblown. It is nothing more than a tool of coastal elites to divide up the working class. Nothing more, nothing less.

Kyle Korver’s bullshit essay should make anyone – black, white or purple – who isn’t a doormat a bit angry. He’s a smug, elitist douche-bag preaching nonsense while practicing none of it. Korver won’t be affected by his rhetoric – at least not yet- but by paying lip service to regressive leftists for virtue signalling points, he hurts the working class.

So Kyle, your essay sucked.

If you ever do one again, please avoid the one line as a sentence thing.

It’s really weird and I don’t think it adds much of anything.

Also please write about something of substance instead of emotional drivel that panders to “I’m literally shaking right now” types. Thanks and enjoy a first round exit.