Joe Biden Never Stood A Chance In 2020


Let’s be real, Joe “white privilege ain’t fair now let me smell your hair” Biden never had a chance. Two years ago? Maybe. Before Trump ultimately won, there was plenty of uncertainty and both candidates seemed rather unpopular. Biden was always praised for his good nature across party lines and was being urged to run.

If he ever had a chance, it was then. He would have at the very least cut into Trump’s base – who won over many working-class democrats.

That said, this is the present day. Joe Biden never had a chance in 2020 and that has been the case for months. Somehow there is this notion that Biden would cut into Trump’s rust belt/Pennsylvania support, as if that hasn’t been solidified by now. He’s also an old, white man and given the rhetoric from the left, he’s wasting his time running for that alone.

It never ceases to amaze me how far a white liberal will sink for a cheap political statement. Joe Biden is the key to beating Trump because he’s going on a “I’m sorry I’m white tour” through the rust belt. Bold strategy Cotton.

In reality, Trump won because he isn’t Joe Biden. Rather than stand up to radical elements in his own party, Biden panders to them for cheap political victories. Does he honestly believe this modern progressive, radical agenda? His background/past suggests not, but he does it anyway. Biden is marketed as the “working man’s candidate” while he rolls over and denigrates “white man’s culture” just to gain approval from those who will never give it to him.

No amount of pandering is going to win over the modern left. Biden is an old school, 90’s Democrat who your dad likes because politics used to be civil. People used to disagree on issues but they weren’t ideologically opposed like they are now. In the present day, any perspective Democratic candidate must instantly conform to the wants and needs of NY and California elites.

Trump won because he is the opposite of these things. Certainly not without his issues, Trump ultimately refused to back down from media incited mobs and slander. He’s refused to back down from the earliest days of his candidacy and is stronger now than ever before. But yes, Joe Biden – the walking doormat – is going to win back the rust belt.

Ultimately, it is a new age with new political alignments and Biden is washed up. Timing is everything with Presidential Elections and Biden’s time was 2016, if anything. Biden was sunk before he even became creepy Joe. Now that he’s been branded as creepy Joe, even by his own party, Biden stands absolutely no chance.

It’s also funny as hell to see some of the morally righteous crusaders who went to the end of the earth to smear Brett Kavanaugh now carrying Biden’s water. Kavanaugh had never been so much as accused of anything let alone being a serial gang rapist. Plus, it just came out of left field just before a pivotal Supreme Court confirmation. A clear as day political hatchet job that is now confirmed by how quickly Joe Biden’s accusations of misconduct are swept under the rug. The man is on film grabbing, smelling and whispering to several women and under-aged girls. But no big deal, he’s a Democrat.

In case anyone needed more clarification, the Kavanaugh hearing was never about helping women or stopping sexual assault. It was a political move by people who shamelessly used victims of sexual assault while claiming to be morally righteous. That’s all it is, that’s all anything is anymore. The far left has a “join or die” mentality and Biden would rather sell his soul than have any semblance of principles. They will do whatever it takes to advance their agenda and Biden has signed off on it.

Biden would rather sell out the future of not just his own, but all of our children and grandchildren for one more, however improbable political victory. He never had a chance, and stop telling me that Biden is a “nice guy” just because he takes Amtrak and talks nice in front of cameras. He’s a power seeking, immoral man and his campaign rhetoric proves it.

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