Five People You’ll Run Into During Game Of Thrones Season

Game of Thrones is about to kick off its final season, as you almost certainly know by now. The show is marketed so heavily that you would have heard about it even if you were trapped in a cave with a Thai soccer team. Thrones has been running (though it skipped a couple years) for a decade and has been a television event like no other. Each episode is movie quality and budgeted accordingly, with each episode costing 15 million a piece this season.

GOT is also a show that seemingly everybody watches. I started watching in season 2 – when I was in ninth grade – and have been hooked ever since. Back then, less people watched it in my demographic but it was still a huge hit. Now, ten years later, just about everybody I know watches it. Game of Thrones season is an event, something everyone looks forward to at the end of the week.

As a result, the odds of knowing somebody like each of these people in your everyday life is high. SPOILERS (I did that right) ahead, so read at your own risk.

The Guy Who Acts Like Not Watching It Is A Personality Trait

Everybody has that one co-worker, friend or relative who hasn’t seen Game of Thrones. Not only has he not seen it, he acts like robbing himself of thrones’ is something that should be worn as a badge of honor. Expect to hear something like “I’m not watching that, it has wizards and shit in it” or some hard-ass response like that.

Look man, fantasy definitely isn’t my genre either. On the surface thrones’ doesn’t look like something that would interest me but it is so much more than that. The early seasons draw some historical basis from the War of the Roses and although fictional, is said to very accurately portray medieval battle sequences. Plus, who doesn’t like dropping out and getting into a show or movie from time to time? Thrones is so well made and has so many elements that there truly is something for everybody.

Ultimately, the guy who won’t watch Game of Thrones just to be edgy is only hurting himself. I’ve known multiple people who held out then ended up loving it. Sadly, we all know a few final hold-outs. We can only hope and pray that they secretly watch it and won’t admit it.

The Person Who Isn’t Caught Up

There’s nothing worse than a thrones’ discussion being derailed by the guy who’s only on season 2. This dude will chime in with “wait… King Jeff-rey is dead?” while people are talking about season 7. Whoever this is either doesn’t really have an interest in thrones’ or hasn’t had the time.

Both of these are understandable. I watch Game of Thrones but its been years since I’ve watched a series all the way through. They’re tough for me to get into and I don’t have the time. So if you haven’t seen it, that’s cool.

This person only gets annoying when they expect other people not to spoil it for them. There are people out there who watched the entire series straight through in one week. When someone says they watch Game of Thrones, it’s instantly assumed that they’re caught up. You’ve gotta go big or go home when it comes to thrones’.

The Guy Who Spoils It

Like any show, there’s always that douche-bag who spoils it for everyone else. This guy is especially a problem when a show is so popular that everyone watches it.

This douche is typically a blend of the first two on this list. He watches the show, but barely does and acts like it’s some nerd activity that’s beneath him. If you have the misfortune of working with someone like this and didn’t happen to catch that week’s episode, you’re screwed. They will go out of their way to make sure it is spoiled for you. Basically, this guy is Ollie.

When your Asian friend spoils last week’s episode

The Person Who Complains About The Show Not Keeping Up With The Books

The whole “it’s not the book” thing is something I truly despise. Film and literature are different art forms and there’s bound to be some deviation. This is especially true when you’re dealing with the absolute behemoths that are the Song of Fire And Ice books that were made into the show.

These books are incredibly long and detailed with complex plots that took a long time to play out. If the D&D really wanted to stay 100% true to the source material, they’d need fifteen seasons. It just isn’t realistic.

Not to mention that George RR. Martin has been saying “any day now” in regards to the next book’s release for a literal decade. The show has already surpassed where the books are and Martin has already told the show-runners how it ends. Those books are never coming out folks, so stop complaining. Just sit back and enjoy the CGI fest with the rest of us.

The Guy Who Watched Three Episodes Then Stopped

Holy fuck man, I don’t think there’s anything more infuriating than this person. You’ll recommend such a well received show like this and they’ll stop watching after a few episodes. You’ll hear something like “it’s boring” or “I was too confused”, which is just a tough scene all around.

I mean on one hand, they do call it the “three episode test” for liking a show or not. If it doesn’t click after a few episodes, it might not ever click.

But if there was ever a show that needed a full season, it’s thrones’. The whole first season is more of a world builder and the plot doesn’t really kick off until mid-season. Granted, there’s a lot of names being thrown around that a first time viewer won’t understand, but you gotta power through.

Sadly, this person is usually helpless when it comes to movie/show recommendations. You’ll tell them to watch The Shawshank Redemption and they’ll get back to you with “that movie sucked, but I ended up watching Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes To Jail“. Just a sad, hopeless situation.

So there’s five people that you’re bound to run into over the next few weeks. Bring as many hold-outs towards the light as possible and enjoy the final ride.

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