Eminem’s Twitter Sure Is Interesting

Eminem is a strange dude, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that his Twitter account is no different. It truly is Eminem in Twitter form; that’s really the only way I can describe it.

For starters, the guy doesn’t follow anybody. There is not a single person on this planet worthy of a follow from Eminem, period. Not Dr. Dre, not anyone from his record label, not even family members make the cut. Eminem isn’t on there to hear what others are saying, he’s there to announce shit.

For the most part, his account is just him promoting projects, shows or other things he’s working on. He’s been on Twitter since 2009 and has only racked up 891 tweets, so I think it’s safe to say that Twitter isn’t Eminem’s primary outlet. That might be changing, however, because lately, Marshall Mathers has been giving large companies ultimatums/suggestion hybrids via tweet.

It all started about a month ago when Netflix cancelled The Punisher. As you can see, Eminem was not at all happy with this decision and took to Twitter to let the world know.

I mean, just how much does this tweet sum up Eminem as a person? I picture him sitting in the living-room, zipped up hoodie (hood up of course), all ready to watch The Punisher. His butler (I’m guessing he has a specific butler just to turn on the TV), nervously walks into the room. “I’m sorry sir, but The Punisher has been cancelled by Netflix” he says sheepishly. Then I picture Eminem getting red in the face with rage before finally exploding with the above outburst. Basically, I picture the ancient “Hitler finds out” meme (RIP) but with Eminem as Hitler.

One thing is for certain though, and that is that Eminem thinks that the orange man is literally Hitler. Remember that bizarre freestyle where he just yelled at the camera about a nuclear holocaust or some shit? We’re eventually going to reach a stage where he’s yelling absolute nonsense into a mic. Just screaming random shit like “DOWN WITH THE TOWERS, FEED THE CHILDREN!” as woke Twitter makes threads about how he’s using his white privilege to dismantle systemic racist structures.

But really though, Eminem raises some good points in these rage tweets. The Punisher was a good show, but it got cancelled in part because of its use of guns. It was initially delayed because of the Vegas shooting and you could tell they wanted to get rid of it for political reasons. I only saw a few episodes, but I like what I saw and Netflix has given a longer leash to other shows.

Marshall Mathers was really on point with his last tweet though. He recently tweeted a suggestion/ultimatum – I really don’t know what you call these – to the AAF that was honestly on point. He suggested that the AAF let players fight and that he would be watching every game if that were the case. He also strongly suggests that the league put a team in Detroit.

Again, he’s right on the money here. The AAF has been all over the place in terms of play since an entertaining debut. Teams have rotated quarterbacks and the league now of course includes Johnny Football.

One thing that has stood out about the AAF, however, has been mic’d up quarterbacks. From Christian Hackenberg doing his best “step the FUCK up Kyle” impression all game in week one to Johnny Football trash talk, the AAF has been grabbing headlines with that. Basically, the AAF is gaining attention for things that aren’t suitable for family audiences.

Fighting would only add to that vibe. Could you imagine the entertainment value in a mic’d up Johnny Manziel getting into a fist fight? Marshall is right, I would totally make plans to watch that whenever I could.

So Eminem, please keep up these suggestion/ultimatum things and keep them in all caps. Also please keep signing them off with “SINCERELY……. MARSHALL” because it gives this Bond villain type feel. It seems like you have diabolical plans, but the public is out of the loop. We’re only left to wonder what happens if the AAF and Netflix don’t take your advice, and I for one am looking forward to finding out what that is.

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