I’m Honestly Kind Of Glad That Mike Trout Signed An Extension


Now that Mike Trout is likely staying with the Angels for the rest of his career, you no longer have to endure Trout speculation on social media. That alone should make you glad that Trout is off the board.

I mean, how could anyone not be excited about this current Phillies team? For the first time since 2012, there is legitimate hype about them headed into the season. Tickets are being bought early and the city is looking forward to a packed Citizens Bank Park. Personally, I plan on enjoying that and not worrying about what the future holds at the moment.

Does it suck to have the idea of a Trout-Harper super team erased before it could even take root? Sure it does, but baseball is a sport where one guy doesn’t change everything. Trout is without doubt the best player in baseball – maybe one of the greatest ever – but even he can’t completely change a team’s outlook. The Angels have had Mike Trout for years, and what are they? They’re a bubble team year in and year out because of bad contracts and poor farm management. Is anyone talking about the Padres’ chances this year because they added Machado? Exactly. This isn’t the NBA where one player can drastically increase a team’s chances of being a contender.

That actually brings me to my next point . There’s been too much infiltration of “process” mentality seeping into Phillies’ circles. People complained about trading Sixto Sanchez – who has never pitched above A ball – for the best offensive catcher in baseball with two years of control.

Klentak robbed the Marlins at gunpoint but “fans” – and I put it in quotes because these are Hinkie cult members invading baseball – had to speculate. They play 2k man, don’t you know? Sixto Sanchez is Pedro Martinez because that’s the ceiling. It’s the same reason why Markelle Fultz is James Harden. Forget about Kyle Drabek, Michael Taylor, Jon Singleton, Jason Donald, Lou Marson, Jesse Biddle…you the point.

But on the real, we didn’t sit through Cedric Hunter in an Opening Day lineup and Jerome Williams in the rotation just to have the first season back in contention hampered by speculation and distractions. The future looks bright regardless of Mike Trout and this team was built while keeping the farm largely in tact.

Does the major league team have holes? Sure, but nothing that can’t easily be addressed at the deadline. This team is infinitely better than what they started with last year. Guys who needed to produce as regulars (Kingery, Williams maybe) are now on the bench. Their league worst defense will drastically improve with the additions of Segura and McCutchen – the latter of which should see much better offensive production in CBP

And of course, we just signed Bryce fucking Harper. Can we please, for the love of god, just enjoy this? Yeah it sucks that Trout will likely never play here, but at least we don’t have to listen to the Twitter insiders and video game GM’s for two + seasons.

And what was the basis for this anyway? Trout being an Eagles fan and Harper making a pitch? I’m honestly glad we’re dodging this freezing cold take graveyard of a situation.

Let’s live in the now people. Let’s try our best to forget all about this.