Mike Scott Snagged A Sip Of Beer From A Bucks Fan After Tumbling Into The Stands

Players flying into the stands can be scary at times. Would you want a 210 pound NBA player barreling towards you at full speed? I wouldn’t, and it’s honestly crazy that injuries don’t occur more often. Thankfully on Sunday, everything worked out well when it happened and Mike Scott likely inducted himself into the GIF hall of fame.

It all went down during the first quarter of Sunday’s action in Milwaukee. Mike Scott went after a loose ball and ended up tumbling into the stands. As he was getting up, he borrowed a sip of a fan’s beer and the internet loved it.

This would have been funny on any day, but the fact that it happened on St. Patty’s day pushes it into legendary territory.

The only fan/player stands interaction that tops it is when Prince Fielder helped himself to a bite of a fan’s nachos during a Tigers game. Sorry, but that will always be my favorite. Logistically though, Scott’s accomplishment is much more impressive. Fielder was standing up, thus making it easy to grab the Nachos. In Scott’s case, he had to carefully balance himself on top of two people in order to not spill the beer. Impressive to say the least.

The fan also deserves some credit for holding on to her beer. It always amazes me how people are able to do stuff like catch a ball in their beer or just simply keep it from spilling when a giant ass NBA player is jumping on top of them. Those people deserve respect, as do the Bucks fan base for being good sports – all 44 of them.

On the flip side, fan-player interactions can be nasty. We all remember when Jayson Werth chewed out a fan in front of his kid for interfering with a ball. It was a really ugly moment that definitely had at least a little bit to do with why Werth was booed all those years. Thankfully, Philly and Werth are cool now but that moment will always be a black mark on his legacy here.

Back to Scott, I think it’s safe to say that this was a top 10 player-fan interaction in Philly sports history. When asked about it, all he had to say was: “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious”. Aren’t you proud of me for getting through an entire article about Mike Scott while only making one joke about The Office?

Overall, the whole thing was a nice cherry on top of a great win. I’m satisfied to the point where the only thing that would make today any better is if the leprechaun from Alabama is finally captured.

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