Trump Hosts North Dakota State For Round Two Of The Fast Food Feast

The White House evidently has a new tradition: fast food feasts. If you win a championship and Donnie T doesn’t dis-invite you, your team can look forward to a buffet of fast food. This time, the FCS champion North Dakota State Bisons were treated to the feast of legends. That’s where Carson Wentz went, but you weirdos out there who call him “dad” already knew that, didn’t you?

Trump made sure to once again note that all of the food was American fast food; an important clarification because everybody knows America lacks in that department. Chick-Fil-A was also represented this time which represents a huge upgrade, no doubt.

Trump of course initially served the fast food feast to the Division I Champion Clemson Tigers during the government shutdown. The spectacle was praised by some Clemson players despite being bombarded with the typical dose of “orange man bad”. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence called it “awesome” and said that several of his teammates enjoyed it. Cole Renfrow took it a step further, tweeting out that professional athletes – which they should be considered – don’t get to eat fast food much and that he doesn’t know why people are freaking out.

Nonetheless, people freaked out anyway because that’s what social media enables. The media made sure to focus on the fact that several “black players” refused to go due to their views that Trump is racist and divisive. Robert Littal of Black Sports Online expanded on this and reported that players were “pressured” to attend. He said that if they didn’t go, they could potentially lose playing time and scholarship opportunities.

This was later completely debunked by the Clemson players themselves. Trayvon Roberts had a good take on it; stating that “No one involved in our program was pressured. Everyone made their own personal decisions. It’s life, what’s the big deal”.

Trump Still Owns The Media

If you wanna take anything away from the fast food feast, just look at it as further proof that Trump has the media by the balls. If he needs a distraction from some bad press – like the government shutdown – he conjures up something absurd yet so insignificant. When most people look at spectacles like this, they say “I don’t really know what I’m looking at, but I’m entertained”. It’s just goofy and funny.

Nothing serious is effected by this, yet Trump gets to shift the news cycle for a couple days. He lays a trap like this and “journalists” take the bait like a lion going after a piece of meat. It’s poetry.

I mean, just get a load of CNN’s resident race hustler Keith Boykin.

What the actual fuck are you going off about Keith? How is this possibly the takeaway you get from something so insignificant? This is a guy who wants Trump to fail at any costs, and instead of hitting him where it hurts, he does this. Great job dude, this is a really easy sell to people outside the bubble.

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