The Far Left Creates More Trump Supporters Than The Man Himself

There was once a time where I vehemently disliked Donald Trump and said that I would never vote for him. I had supported Cruz in the primary and thought that Trump had taken things way too far, among other things.

My dislike for Trump peaked around the time he secured the Republican nomination. Come to think of it, I even went so far as to put “#NeverTrump” in my Twitter bio. Yes, sadly I was one of those clowns; but by election day the left had made me happy to pull the lever for him.

Looking back at how everything has played out, there is no doubt in my mind that Trump was a better choice than Cruz. No other politician could’ve survived the absolute bombardment that has been thrown his way. From the increasingly sinister Mueller investigation, leaked tapes and one manufactured crisis after another, Trump has withstood it all and counter-punched every time.

It was this non-stop assault that initially pushed me to Trump. “Basket of deplorables” – the now infamous line – created more Trump supporters than any rally ever could. Hillary and the DNC were so confident in a victory that they let the mask slip far too many times. The utter contempt that coastal elites (and their foreign allies) have for average Americans became apparent just too soon. They jumped the gun, and the mask has yet to go back on.

The Modern Left Is At Odds With America’s Core Values

Historically, the United States can be described as a socially conservative, center-right country. Has that been changing since World War II? Sure, but a country’s history and culture cannot simply be uprooted in a few decades. The fact that Hillary herself did not support gay marriage as recently as 2002 shows just how dug in these things are.

Instead of appealing to this nation’s core, the new left has declared open war on it. Since the midway point of Obama’s presidency, the DNC and the media that carries their water have whitewashed extremism on the left. At the same time, any extremist that could possibly be described as “right-wing” – an absurdly broad term either way – is laid at the feet of conservatives. Trump supporters are made to take responsibility for fringe lunatics like the Charlottesville rally while Obama was never questioned about his anti-police rhetoric following the Dallas sniper attack.

In terms of values, they’ve told you to **ck off when it comes to those too. The new left openly hates on Christianity and tells white Americans that they are being replaced. As for non-white Americans who support Trump? They’re told that they’re stupid and can’t think for themselves. It’s a giant middle finger to individualism while saying “you’re not gonna do anything about it”.

Maybe if Hillary got elected and they had five more years to control news cycles, they could’ve pulled it off. Instead, we got a president who isn’t afraid to fight back.

Yes, Trump can be a bit unprofessional at times; but most of his negative press comes down to out of context sound-bytes. The President communicates with the people in a genuine, down-to-earth manner that the written off “deplorables” can relate to.

But again, the new left has no interest in catering to traditional America. They want socialism, open borders and make it quite clear that they don’t think America was ever great.

This isn’t your grandfather’s Democratic Party. In fact, this isn’t even the Democratic Party of ten years ago.We didn’t have Ilhan Omar – a woman who openly shills for Islamic fundamentalists – ten years ago. Socialism was once a dirty word, now we have teen congress-girl and comrade Sanders openly calling for it.

These concepts go directly against the grain of this country and the farther down this road the left goes, the more Trump supporters they create.

You Don’t Have To Love Trump To Vote Against The Left

The new left has doubled down on all these things. Expect more Covington Catholic type stories, more Kavanaugh witch trials and count on their anti-American intentions becoming increasingly clear.

Also we’re not talking about rank and file liberals, just those pulling the strings and those with obvious shady ties like Omar. Most of the people you see posting anti-Trump stuff online interact with Trump supporters normally in real life. The internet lets radicals shine and those in power exploit it. I’d be willing to wager that most people who describe themselves as liberal do not want open borders and socialism, they just don’t see where things are headed.

Want a good example of who we’re talking about when we say “the new left”? Just yesterday, Beto O’Rourke said that he would tear down the existing wall between El Paso and Mexico. Yes, he really said that!

To put in perspective just how ridiculous of a statement that is, keep in mind that El Paso is just 15 miles from Jaurez. Ciudad Jaurez reported 1,247 homicides in 2018 compared to 561 in Chicago. Beto wants a purely open border with that why? Because orange man bad of course.

The modern left’s obsession with Donald Trump – whose policies can be described as moderate at best – have forced them to pivot this far left. Instead of appealing to the Joe Biden style, working-class Democrats that elected Obama, they’ve told them to take a hike and would rather appeal to illegal immigrants.

The average American is seeing through this insanity, but leftists have banked on operation “Cheeto Man Hitler” paying off. They think that the same strategy of carpet bombing the airwaves with “orange man” bad is going to work.

In Beto’s mind, everyone hates Trump because he only reads Twitter and talks to his base. He thinks something as absurd as tearing down the border fence between El Paso and Juarez is gonna play. In reality, this far left nonsense only exists in vacuums. It sounds great on college campuses and social media because any opposition to it is rooted out, slandered and disposed of. They’ve created a reality they want to live in as opposed to the one they actually do.

The Democrats have completely lost the plot when it comes to the working class and it will backfire spectacularly. Unless they do a 180 – which is unlikely given the backing Kamala Harris has received – they will continue to drive voters into Trump’s corner. Simply put, these issues transcend Trump or any one man. This country has values and millions of Americans (not just white people) hold these things in high regard . The leftist elite revealed their intentions too soon, got too radical and pushed moderates away.

Want proof? Trump’s state of the Union – where he talked about doing the opposite of what Beta wants to do – saw 82% approval from independents and 76% overall. As the new left continues to push the envelope, their over-zealous dogma will be rejected by the working class.

I didn’t love Trump on Election Day 2016, but I voted for him due to the absurdity of the modern left. If this keeps up, expect millions more to do the same.

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