Four Reasons Why I Want The Patriots To Win


Truth be told, I don’t really care who wins this Super Bowl. After last year’s Eagles run, I’ve had a hard time getting into it and awful officiating in the NFC Championship Game made that even tougher. Of course I’m looking forward to watching the game, but I don’t really have a dog in this fight.

If forced to pick, however, I’m honestly going to have to pick the Patriots. Sorry if that’s unpopular, but it’s the truth. Here are a few reasons why.

It Makes The Eagles’ Win Mean Even More

It goes without saying that Tom Brady and the Patriots are a machine. Year in and year out, they manage to retool their roster just enough to make a dominant playoff team. Once in the post-season, Brady magic takes over and they cruise through to the Super Bowl. We’ve seen the same movie so many times that this year will mark Brady’s ninth Super Bowl appearance.

Love or hate him, you can’t not respect Brady’s Super Bowl numbers. He is 5-3 (most all-time wins for a quarterback) and has been MVP of the game twice. He’s been in Super Bowl contention every year for the better part of two decades.

His losses to the Giants were also freak accidents. What do you call the David Tyree catch other than divine intervention?  So when you really look at Brady’s Super Bowl history, he’s only really been out-dueled once. That of course was done by Nick Foles.

The Eagles didn’t just squeak by the Pats either. It was a high-scoring, blow for blow game filled with wild plays in which Foles just went beast mode. From a neutral football perspective alone, it was one of the most exciting games I’ve ever watched. Nick Foles somehow went toe to toe with Tom Brady and it will forever be surreal.

If Brady can capture his sixth Super Bowl tonight, it makes the Eagles’ win mean even more. It will show just how ridiculously hard it is to beat Brady and Foles will be that much more of a legend. Who doesn’t want that?

I’m Sick Of Hearing About Sean McVay

By now you’ve almost certainly heard about how Sean McVay is the son of god. The youngest coach in Super Bowl history has a photographic memory and has become the NFL’s golden boy. Watch any NFL-produced content and you’ll hear about how amazing McVay is. Needless to say, it’s gotten old real quick.

Don’t get me wrong, McVay deserves a great deal of credit. He turned Goff and the Rams around dramatically, the league wants the LA teams to gain some traction and the Rams are a team on the rise. But where’s the credit for Dougie P? 

Big balls Doug has never been showered with the praise McVay has despite winning the Super Bowl with a backup QB. He then proved it was no fluke by just about taking a roster that looked like a CFL team to the NFC Championship.

By now, Philadelphia is used to being ignored by the national media. Still, it needs to be said. Our construction workers who greet high profile free agents need a pick-me-up from time to time.

Harry Potter Wants The Rams To Win

Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) had some words about the Super Bowl. Harry took some shots at Tom Brady over a MAGA hat he had in his locker. “We as a country were like, come on dude, get that thing out out of there!” he said in an interview.

First of all, Daniel Radcliffe is one of those actors who will always just be that one character he played. When you see Rainn Wilson in something (rare), do you call him Rainn Wilson or “Dwight from The Office”? Exactly. He will always be Harry Potter, and that’s pretty lame because Harry Potter was a bitch. Voldemort could have killed him multiple times but he instead he chose to give cliche speeches where he reveals his evil plans. Very weak to say the least.

Plus we all know that Harry Potter and Handmaid’s Tale references are a favorite line of attack from woke college students. Harry Potter fanboys will un-ironically talk like some shitty actor weighing in on the Super Bowl makes Trump supporters so triggered. It’s kinda like when they find the one guy who threw his Gillette razor in the toilet and act like half of America is just seething with rage.

Not gonna lie though, I’d love to see Harry Potter be disappointed.  His support for the Rams is another check in the Pats’ column.

You Have To Respect Greatness

Love or hate the Patriots, you have to respect what they’ve done. Belichick always manages to make the right adjustments and keep his team at a championship level every single year.

The Patriots have been dominant since I was five years old and that just has to be respected. New England has achieved “murderers row” and 90’s Bulls levels of infamy in the NFL. Our kids will be asking us what it was like to watch Tom Brady and the Patriots play. A sixth Super Bowl only adds to that, and since the birds aren’t in it I’m rooting for the Pats.

But at the end of the day, who cares? Let’s just hope it’s an entertaining game with as little social engineering in the commercials as possible.

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