Kellyanne Conway Took Jim Acosta To The Woodshed

Even if you can’t stand the orange man, you’ve gotta admit that Jim Acosta in a clown. Acosta, of course, is the main character on the Jim Acosta show starring Jim Acosta. The man at one point had not one, not two but three pictures of himself on his Twitter profile. 

Acosta isn’t that “honorable reporter” archetype who reports on facts and asks probing questions. Instead, he grand stands, looks for cheap sound bytes and ultimately, we all now he wants an opinion show on CNN. It’s pretty bad when you can’t even move up at CNN, but that’s Jim for you.

It honestly surprises me that he doesn’t refer to himself in the third person. “At the Trump rally today, Trump supporters were mean to Acosta and called Acosta names. This frightens Acosta”.

To illustrate just how much of a tool he is; this is a guy who literally yelled “HOW’S THE MEETING GOING MR. PRESIDENT” and “WILL YOU GIVE UP YOUR NUKES, SIR?” at President Trump and Kim Jong Un during the historic North Korea meeting. How sad is that man? Imagine being another reporter and having to deal with this clown – a “reporter ” who constantly uses more time than allowed and talks over his colleagues. Even the most ardent Trump haters have got to cringe at Jim Acosta.

So as to be expected, “crazy Jim” has been the recipient of many burns over these last two years. None however, come anywhere close to the verbal nuke he had dropped on him today.

Speaking to Kellyanne Conway about President Trump’s prime time address, Acosta did what Acosta does. “Will the president be telling the truth tonight?” he asked (because that’s a totally professional question). Kellyanne then asked him if he would be telling the truth himself, at which point crazy Jim smugly stated that he isn’t the one with “an alternative facts problem”.

After that, Kellyanne really took the gloves off. She told him that the rest of the press corps doesn’t like him (which is definitely true) and called him a “smart ass”. On point if you ask me.

Talking about it doesn’t do it justice, so check out the clip below for pure satisfaction.

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