Russians Disguised Themselves As A Bus In Vladivostok…. It Didn’t Work

A group of people in Russia recently disguised themselves as a bus in an attempt to gain access to a vehicle-only bridge. The video was recorded in Vladivostok on a bridge that has been closed to pedestrians since 2012.  The genius plot was quickly thwarted, however, as a brave security guard intervened. After using a textbook PIT maneuver, the bus was stopped and forced to make U-turn.

Honestly? I’m not impressed by this given the standards that have been raised for videos out of Russia. Maybe if they drunkenly tried to scale the bridge it would be Russia-worthy. A bear would have been a nice touch as well. The security guard would have no problem wrestling the bear of course, because he’s Russian, but it would have been cool.

In terms of selling the disguise, I’m gonna go ahead and give this a 2/10 effort. Their legs are clearly noticeable and the bus is obviously made of cardboard. I was a truck for Halloween when I was four and even I sold it better.

This effort pales in comparison to the guy who used a tall-man disguise to sneak in to Black Panther. Those guys had the trench coat, the hat, the whole nine yards. The same cannot be said for these jabronies. In all likelihood, these four were sent to the gulag where they will live out their days with Viktor Reznov.

In Soviet (or non Soviet) Russia, bus disguises you.

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