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Gabe Kapler’s California Home Has Been Destroyed By Wildfires

Phillies manager Gabe Kapler’s California home has been destroyed by wildfires. Kapler, a Hollywood native, currently lives in Philadelphia while his ex-wife and two sons lived in the Malibu home. Thankfully, the family is safe after successfully evacuating.

Kapler learned of the destruction from a friend who stayed behind. While surveying the area, the man found Kapler’s home in smoldering ruins. “I’m sorry Gabe, it’s gone” the friend said. He then sent photos that showed the wreckage of the home. All that remained was a staircase leading to nowhere while a neighboring home in the background appeared fine.

Photo courtesy of Gabe Kapler

In the aftermath of losing the house in which he raised his sons, Kapler’s concern is with those less fortunate. “Our family is going to be fine. The love and support has been incredible” he said. “Keep talking about it… When you’re out in your community, talk about it with other people. Use it as a way to come together” said Kapler in a phone call, according to The Athletic.

Currently, there are three major fires raging in California. The blaze referred to as the “Camp Fire” has burned over 6,400 structures and caused 42 deaths by itself, making it the most destructive fire in state history. Around 228 remain missing as of this evening. The “Woolsey Fire” and “Hill Fire” continue to burn as well.

In response to the growing catastrophe, President Trump has announced that he will expedite a request for a major disaster declaration for the state.

So far, the three blazes have burned roughly 209,103 acres of land. The camp fire is only 25% contained, Woolsey just 20% and the hill fire is at 80% contained. The Woolsey fire is the one that claimed Kapler’s home.

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