If You Can Convince Just One Person To Vote Republican, You’ve Done Your Job


After tomorrow, you will no longer have to watch commercials where politicians look at blueprints with paid actors. The carpet bombing of political ads will end, the constant “remember to vote Democrat” reminders on social media will be gone, and we all get a quick timeout before the 2020 election blows this one out of the water in terms of nastiness.

By now, it certainly may seem like anyone who will be voting has made up their mind. In such a hyper-partisan climate, undecided voters the day before an election sounds unthinkable. But you’d be surprised just how many potential voters can be swayed within the final days and hours leading up to an election. How is that possible? Simple, most people do not give a single fuck about politics. They just want to wake up, go to work, watch some funny videos on the internet and go to bed so they can do it all again tomorrow.  When you’re working full time, have a family or are in college it can hard to find the time to dig deep in politics.

Of course, some Americans pay attention to politics simply because they enjoy it. With a seemingly endless selection of podcasts and blogs, there are more political enthusiasts in 2018 than ever before. At the same time, modern political discourse sadly functions like team sports and partisan safe spaces are remarkably easy to find, especially online. The end result is a nonstop political World War 3 on the internet.

However, the internet is the only place where this nonsense gets oxygen. Even then, the majority of late night social media browsers can’t stand it either. The average American doesn’t wanna see some cat lady with a blue check mark ranting about white males during funny video viewing hours. The same can be said about Charlie Kirk constantly pushing an agenda at all hours of the day. Nobody wants to see that as well. Shit like this popping up on the timeline when you’re in bed trying to relax is like when Stanley from The Office gets his crossword puzzles interrupted. The battle lines are clearly drawn and the ultimate goal is fake online points, not honest debate. There is nothing to gain by engaging in an online political debate, so why do it?

Lost in the spectacle are those who have political opinions on the low. If asked about Trump, they might say that they have mixed feelings or might shock you and say they like him. The “media that cried wolf” is a real phenomenon and the constant anti-Trump drumbeat is less effective than it was two years ago. With the economy humming, progress towards a peaceful solution with North Korea and an increasingly obvious partisan media, there are far more potential Republican voters now than in 2016. Just because they fear getting dog-piled by self righteous Twitter users does not mean they don’t share similar views. Jobs, security and prosperity are historically important to voters. Internet hive minds made up of college students and Hollywood actors are not accurate reflections of the electorate.

Still though, millions of Americans straight up don’t vote every year. One could have an opinion on the election but not a strong enough one to circle the date on their calendar. The bottom-line is that most find politics boring and would rather not be involved. They might vote, they might not, but the chance they will is higher if engaged.

Don’t Be Afraid To Reach Out

In these final hours leading up to the election, every Trump supporter should make an effort to reach out to one potential voter. Focus on the documented media bias, extreme rhetoric from the likes of Maxine Waters and most importantly, the results. Every vote truly does count and the results you find may shock you. I managed to convince two of my roommates to vote Trump the day before the election by showing them the Podesta emails.

Highlight the smear campaign against Brett Kavanaugh and how two of his accusers are now being investigated by the FBI for making false allegations. Or how about the fact that over 90% of Trump coverage is negative? FBI corruption, the whitewashing of left wing extremism by CNN and several other stories from the last two years are all very eye opening.

At worst, you respectfully disagree and move on. By making your pitch right at the end you stand a much better chance than if you were badgering someone for weeks. So go for it and reach out. What have you got to lose? These half-in, half-out casual political observers decide elections. Do your part and get them to the polls!

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