Condemn Political Violence, But Don’t Be Bullied

It goes without saying that political violence should be condemned in all forms. Everyone is hoping that whoever sent alleged explosive devices to prominent Democrats will be apprehended and swiftly brought to justice. Political violence has no place in our society, and I will condemn it every time it happens just like after Charlottesville. What I won’t do, however, is allow the far left to hijack this heinous act for political gain.

Time and time again, we’ve seen the mainstream media establishment and their blue check mark mafia point fingers and assign blame. Disown radicals and call out acts of violence all you want; if you find yourself politically aligned to the right of Stalin, expect to be blamed. Just like after Charlottesville, every Trump supporter under the sun must instantly take responsibility for the “MAGABomber”. Forget the fact that to date, no suspects have been named. Not even so much as a motive has been released. An FBI investigation is ongoing, but who cares? ORANGE MAN BAD! Trump and his supporters own this 100%.

Never mind the fact that these acts have been condemned by President Trump, Vice President Pence and several prominent right wing voices. You aren’t allowed to blame anyone other than Drumph for the world’s shittiest bomber. Clearly this is all happening because the Orange man says mean things about his political opponents. Our current political hellscape is all his fault, period and done!

Disregard that time Hillary Clinton said “you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about”. It was only last week, but it is not important comrade. Maxine Waters calling for Republicans to be confronted in public must also be swept under the rug. Remember “when we go low, we kick em’” from Eric Holder? That never happened either.

At least, in mainstream news cycles these things might as well have never happened. With the exception of Fox News, these subjects were largely left untouched by the MSM. When they were covered, they didn’t get the deluxe, around the clock, “sky is falling” level of coverage these bomb threats have gotten. Neither did the ricin letters that were mailed to President Trump and Defense Secretary Marris just a couple weeks ago. The congressional baseball shooting that almost killed the Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, also got different coverage. The shooting was covered, but blame wasn’t assigned to Bernie even though he was openly saying that “people will die” if Republicans get their way.

To his credit, Bernie immediately condemned the attack and disavowed the shooter – a man who had worked on his campaign. Bernie’s announcement seemed to satisfy most people and I can’t recall anywhere near the same level of blame levied at him as Trump has received for these packages. Granted, Trump isn’t known for having much of a filter and doesn’t shy away from colorful rhetoric. But to blame him for acts of political violence, that he has disavowed, while giving a pass to “these people will kill your grandmother” tier rhetoric is just disingenuous.

We could go on all day with the obvious double standards that exist in the mainstream media. The point is that there seems to be two entirely different reactions from the left when it comes to acts of political terror. Anything remotely suspected of coming from the right will result in a carpet bombing of blame by the blue check mark mafia who do nothing but tweet about Trump. Journalists will sign letters, Acosta will cry and nobody is allowed to question the narrative. If one does question it, they will be bludgeoned with emotional BS until they shut up and get in line.

This cannot continue any longer. It is possible to condemn political violence while also defending your name against those who have nothing but contempt for you. There are folks out there, both left and right, who truly do want the division and hate to stop. But there are also fringe radicals on both sides hoping to exploit any tragedy for political gain.

Radicals exist on both sides, but those on the left have largely gone unchecked over the last two years. When Chris Cuomo can’t find it in him to condemn Antifa, unacceptable behavior and fringe elements are given a green light. Extreme partisans like this have no interest in unity. Think the creepy ass Krassenstein brothers and alleged comedian Samantha Bee. Unlike your average liberal who just lives a normal life and happens to disagree with conservatives on policy, the blue checkmark mafia make their hatred for conservatives well known. That’s why they sit on Twitter and tweet about this stuff every single day. They don’t want peace, they’re just full of hatred and use “social justice” as a mask.

They want to set the narrative that only Trump supporters and right leaning individuals are responsible for political violence. As the above quotes show, that is far from the case. Sadly, National Review dinosaurs and bitter never Trumpers are happy to cash in on the internet points they get for submitting to the mob. For some reason, they think that allowing fringe elements on social media to dictate narratives is a good look.

So don’t be like TrueConservative™ Joe Walsh and roll over so Don Lemon can pet your belly. For too long, conservatives have stayed quiet while overgrown toddlers dictate the talking points. Obvious partisan hacks are easy to spot and should be called out. At the same time, don’t be a conspiracy theorist placing blame on anyone before the facts are known. Condemn political violence in all forms, but also call out the hypocrisy of the radical left, (not the whole left), that wants nothing more than to profit off of the division.

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