If You Don’t Like Twitter Mobs, Be Consistent About It


CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins recently apologized after old tweets surfaced that showed her using homophobic language . Screenshots show Collins calling someone a “fag” and a reply where she wrote that she doesn’t know if she wanted to “room with a lesbian”. Collins has since apologized for her tweets and has said she regrets her choice of words. She also added that the tweets were made while she was in college.

Several conservatives have expressed frustration with the lack of attention given to this story and how quickly Collins was forgiven. She faced no discipline from CNN and the whole story was forgotten in less than 24 hours.

Of course, there is no way a right-leaning individual, or anyone else the mob targets, would have been given the same benefit of the doubt. Roseanne had her show cancelled and name ruined because she made a joke about Valerie Jarrett. Remember how self righteous blue check-mark squad had a field day with that one? Never mind that shes, you know, a comedian. Nah, Roseanne is Satan incarnate and she can NEVER be forgiven no matter what.

Same thing with whenever a white athlete is caught using the n-word in an old tweet. Nine times out of ten its a song lyric from when they were in high school, but who cares? They’re racist, homophobic, whatever other buzzword is popular today and they cannot be forgiven under any circumstances. Expect to get articles from Slate and The Root and all the selective outrage one could ask for.

It doesn’t take much to figure out that all this is extremely counterproductive and unhealthy for society, so why engage?

Twitter Mobs Are A Cancer, Period

Look man, you don’t have to tell me about how hypocritical and awful the leftist mob is. Collins isn’t the first example of the left having rules for everyone else that don’t apply to their own. James Gunn was fired by Disney for his creepy jokes and has seen nothing but widespread support

But lets be real, very few on the right actually care about what she tweeted. The entire purpose of a Twitter mob is to cause chaos and potentially get people fired. It couldn’t be more clear that whoever dug up these tweets doesn’t truly care, they just want to see one of their political enemies pay.

Bottom line is that Twitter mobs are a microcosm of everything wrong with the modern left and conservatives should leave these tactics to them.

That is not to say that the radical left shouldn’t reap what they sow. The time has long passed to be nice with people who clearly hate your guts and conservatives aren’t being nice anymore. Look no further than Lindsey Graham 2.0 to see just how motivated Republicans are.

However, Twitter mobs have no reasonable purpose and the people who call for someone’s head over a tweet are not acting in good faith. The most glaring example of this I can remember is the Josh Hader incident from this past summer. The people who wanted Hader sent to the gulag for being an edgy teenager, like Shannon Sharpe, weren’t offended by Hader’s tweets. The purpose of putting him on blast wasn’t some cry for justice, it was just a malicious mob that wanted blood. No apology was good enough for them and it just so happened that the same racists who tweet about race 24/7 were the ones leading the charge.

It is easy to expose this hypocrisy, so why join them? I take issue with burning someone down for slang they used seven years ago. It simply isn’t fair to label someone as homophobic because they called someone a fag on Twitter in 2010. Anyone under the age of 30 can relate to tweeting something stupid years ago and wishing they could travel back in time to beat their own ass.

Ultimately, consistency and principles are our greatest weapon. These tactics have done nothing but expose radical leftists for the partisan, closet communists they are and provide plenty of #WalkAway fuel. Eventually, the truth will come out and these losers will not be remembered fondly. Call out hypocrisy and leave it at that.

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