How Come The Social Media Mob Didn’t Come For Steve Harvey? You Know Why


Quick, grab your torches and pitchforks! Somebody (Steve Harvey) made a politically incorrect comment with no ill intent whatsoever! You know the rules by now, none of that matters. Say something that can be deemed racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. and you can expect to have your career ruined.

Unless you’re Steve Harvey apparently. Appearing on ESPN yesterday to discuss the NBA finals, Harvey referred to members of the Golden State Warriors as “gorillas”

“You can’t stop them boys” Harvey said. “They’ve got too many gorillas on the team. They coming to play man. They got 800 pound gorillas on that team”.

There is hardly any talk of this in the press of course. The only way I found out about it was from Clay Travis over at Outkick. I mean, in a more sane world that shouldn’t be out of the ordinary. The media shouldn’t be burning down comedians/actors/whoever by fanning the flames simply for speaking out of turn, but they do it anyway. Every media outlet on the planet reported on the Roseanne incident as if she punted a special needs kid down a flight of stairs. Steve Harvey though? No coverage.

The Mob Didn’t Come For Harvey, And I’m Glad

Now, is there anything wrong with what Harvey said? Absolutely not. He was obviously using a figure of speech and was speaking highly of the Warriors. There would be nothing stupider than trying to burn down a daytime talk show host who has a habit of saying stupid things over a harmless comment. If the modern day iteration of an angry town mob (social media) came for Harvey’s head, I would be the first to say that it’s stupid and that he should face no consequences. Outrage culture is pathetic, but it’s impossible not to notice the double standard.

Roseanne Barr recently had her hit show cancelled by ABC for her tweet comparing Valerie Jarrett to an ape. ABC and ESPN are both of course owned by Disney. While Roseanne’s tweet was more pointed and meant to be offensive, the double standard is still clear as day. Does anyone have any doubt that a white person making the same exact comments that Harvey made wouldn’t be met with online social justice mobs? Of course they would be.

It doesn’t matter if you apologize, it doesn’t matter if you had good intentions and it doesn’t matter if you were being sarcastic. People need to understand that the radical left is literally just waiting for you to slip up if you aren’t in the current crop of preferred victim. White people can now expect to be fired from their job for having the audacity not to serve people after closing time. White privilege is a hell of a drug.

If you’re white or somebody who doesn’t push the radical left’s agenda, you can expect to be fed to the wolves as soon as it’s convenient. It doesn’t even matter if you’re somebody who openly shills for the left. If it can get the mob after you and make for some good headlines, under the bus you’ll go.

Need an example? Look no further than Starbucks. That company has always made it their first order of business to cater to SJWS but the mob came for them anyway. Two people loitering in a store became an international outrage because the mob deemed it racist.  Their CEO had to cry on TV about it, they put all their employees through “racial bias training” and now they’re turning their company into a homeless shelter that sells coffee. No matter how much you cater, if you make a good target they will come for you.

Two Sets Of Rules

Samantha Bee can call Ivanka Trump a feckless c***, nothing is out of bounds when it comes to Trump, and creepy ass Jim Carey can paint all the disturbing paintings he wants. If you’re liberal or a person of color, you can say whatever you want. If you’re white or go against the far left oppression factory, you will be raked through the coals, fired, and called every name in the book. Your ass will be “cancelled”. (For the record, anyone who says some one/thing is “cancelled” should be sentenced to 5 years hard labor).

Remember people, none of this is about stopping oppression or inequity. Outrage culture is simply a tool used by bigots on the radical left to tear down their political opponents or people who are problematic to their agenda. They are everything they claim to be against. Simply say the word and Shaun “Talcum X” King will sick the dogs on you at a moments notice.

Once again, Steve Harvey should face NO BACKLASH whatsoever for saying what he said. He meant nothing by it and was speaking figuratively. Just keep this incident in mind the next time Twitter is calling for someone’s scalp because they said the “n word” when it came up in a song or watched Black Panther without permission

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