Marlins Man Warns Fans About Game Cancellation Out Before Teams Announce It

In a baseball season that feels more like the rainy season in Southeast Asia, yet another game has been rained out tonight. This time, the Nats- Dodgers game has been put on hold due to rain. What makes this rain out special, however, was the way the news was broken.

None other than Marlins man took to Twitter to let fans know that the game wouldn’t ever  be starting tonight.

Of course, the teams have yet to officially announce the cancellation of the game which makes Marlins man’s act even more special.

With this tweet, Marlins man solidifies his role as a champion of the people. After recently calling out the Royals for violating the Americans With Disabilities Act, Marlins man is putting yet another organization on notice. Marlins man took it upon himself to warn people that the rain delay that is bound to happen tonight will never end, thus saving game goers the trouble of even showing up.

Soon, Marlins man will be trading in his orange jersey and viser for a cape. He will travel up and down the country warning fans about shady shit that sports teams are doing to their fans. He will be hunted by commissioners, J. Jonah Jameson will want pictures of him on his desk by noon, and Derek Jeter will stop at nothing to bring him down.

All of this makes me look really forward to the Marlins Man movie that they just have to make now. I can’t wait to see the final battle between him and Jeter in that waste of money they call a stadium down there in Florida. All 20 Marlins fans will turn out and it will be the most ambitious crossover event since infinity war. Mark Wahlberg can reprise his role as “the Yankee clipper”, a CGI hurricane will take place, the possibilities are honestly endless. Don’t even get me started on the sequel where Marlins man will take on Roger Goodell and the NFL.

So Marlins man, thank you for all you do for the people. We salute you and look forward to wasting our money on the generic superhero movies they will make about you.

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