Laura Ingraham Should Never Have Never Apologized For Mocking David Hogg

After attacking gun control activist David Hogg, Laura Ingraham has seen at least eleven advertisers pull ads from her show. Ingraham mocked Hogg for recently getting rejected by some of the nation’s top universities, including UCLA.  She has been relentlessly attacked for her comments on social media and has since apologized, only to have Hogg say that he is not accepting her apology. Hogg also declined to appear on Ingraham’s show to debate her on the merits of gun control.

Yes, what happened to Laura Ingraham is obviously not fair and shows a double standard. MSNBC contributor Kurt “tentacles” Eichenwald recently attacked Parkland student Kyle Kashuv on social media but faced no backlash. There was no demand for an apology, no sponsors pulling out, and no outrage.

While all of this is infuriating and hypocritical, this is simply the way things are right now. The DNC and media establishment in this country have become so radically left that they are unrecognizable from the days of Bill Clinton, let alone JFK. Mob rule is in, feelings matter more than facts, and there is a media establishment firmly invested in making sure things stay that way. So how do you combat this? Well, for one, don’t apologize.

Why Apologize When An Apology Isn’t Warranted?

Yes, Laura Ingraham made this situation ten times worse by caving to leftist Twitter mobs and apologizing to Hogg. David Hogg is 17 years old and will be attending college in the fall. He has also used absolutely reprehensible rhetoric in the past. Hogg has accused the NRA of welcoming mass shootings to sell more guns, called his political opponents “pathetic f**ckers*, and has called for a “revolution”. Not only has he attacked others at will, he has also injected himself into a national conversation on guns. Why is it that David Hogg is being treated as an innocent 13 year old instead of a mature high school senior who’s about to graduate?

When it comes down to it, there was absolutely no reason for Ingraham to apologize because it will only be used against her. By caving to pressure, Ingraham sent the message that her statement was reprehensible and deserves an apology. It wasn’t and it didn’t. All Ingraham has done here is given the far left an admission of guilt that they will use to hammer her with until the end of time.

The same thing happened recently with Parkland students Kyle Kashuv and Cameron Kasky. Kashuv, who is pro second amendment, quoted a Tweet made by the father of a Parkland victim calling for gun control saying “Instead, let’s violate our Constitution”? Not realizing it was a victim he was addressing, Kyle retracted his statement and issued an apology. Kasky saw this exchange and used it to back out of a debate he was supposed to have with Kyle, saying “this was low”.

Yet again, there was no reason for Kashuv to apologize. He wasn’t malicious and simply stated his opinion. Kashuv apologized because he is a person of high character and felt he was wrong, but all he did was hurt his cause. Kasky was simply looking for an out to debating Kashuv and jumped on it. He came out looking like the moral authority while Kyle made it look like he was wrong all because he apologized.

So at the end of the day, there are lessons to be learned from these cases. There is absolutely no reason to apologize to a leftist just because they demand one does so. If you have principles and believe in something, dig in and stand up for what you believe. This is not to say that someone should go around saying whatever they want with no recourse. The point is simply that leftist outrage mobs don’t deserve apologies simply because they exist.

By apologizing, you only validate their outrageous claims and make them immune to criticism. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in good faith or shows character. There is simply no need to bow down to mob rule just because you said something they didn’t like.

I understand that Ingraham has to tread carefully because she has a show on a major network, but her treatment should be a lesson to conservatives. Even more so, Hogg’s dismissal of her apology and the subsequent barrage of attacks she has received just goes to show that catering to the radical left gets you absolutely no where.

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  1. I am 76 years old, and have had firearms since I was 19. My firearms have never killed anyone, but they did serve as protection for me and my young children during a home invasion. The intruder (who entered my house armed with a metal rod) had left his last victim severely injured and had spent 7 years in prison…(He went back for 20). If not for my firearm, I’m quite certain we would have been killed. I make no apologies for having firearms, and until I go to the nursing home or to my final resting place, I will have a firearm. And for the record, I would love to slap the jaws of David Hogg…alas, he has none.

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