It’s obvious to anyone who uses Twitter that the site has a clear left wing bias. Twitter is an independent company based in San Francisco and their primary demographics lean towards the left anyways, so this is to be expected. However, there has been a lot said about the role of Twitter and social media in general when it pertains to politics. It provides an excellent platform for politicians to connect with their constituents and voice their concerns. President Trump is of course very active on Twitter and has backed his usage of the site in the past.

While Twitter is a great platform in a lot of ways, the bias against conservatives has raised red flags. Twitter has suspended conservative voices from it’s platform including Roger Stone and Milo Yiannopoulos . While both of these individuals are certainly controversial, the double standard is clear. Keith Olbermann went on one unhinged rant after another until he “retired” from politics (at least until he needs money again). He cursed, threatened the President, and made us question his mental health time and time again but was never banned or suspended. Meanwhile, Roger Stone was permanently banned from Twitter for calling Don Lemon a “cocksucker”.

Easy there champ

On top of the double standards, Twitter made headlines the other night when they locked out thousands of accounts suspected to be bots. Many prominent right wing voices including Mike Cernovich and Ann Coulter lost thousands of followers and even Reality Circuit lost around 150. Users had to use their phone numbers to get back in and many followers came back at the end of the day, but the double standard was once again on full display.

Left wing twitter is full of accounts that have no profile picture, tweet exclusively about politics, and have #resistance this and #resistance that in their bios. It is incredibly hard to believe that Twitter isn’t aware of bots pushing left wing content as well. Fact of the matter is that bots are a huge part of any social media site and it cuts both ways. Twitter knows this and they just don’t care.

We could go on all day about the Orwellian nightmare that is “Twitter moments” but thats a different post for another time.

What To Make Of It?

So is this a major free speech issue that will hamper conservatives in the future? Maybe, but I don’t think so. The reason for that is that Twitter unleashes some of the most unhinged rhetoric from leftists. Take one glance at President Trump’s feed and it’s all doom and gloom, gas-lighting violence, and non stop vitriol. Sure, the algorithms are skewed in their favor and their garbage gets pushed to the top – but what gets pushed is not a good look.

Not to mention that some of Twitter’s biggest left wing “stars” are complete and total losers with 0 platform outside Twitter. The Krassenstein twins, Scott Dworkin, Dr. Eugene, the list goes on and on. None of these people are famous for anything other than barking at Trump on Twitter. (If you can sit through it, check out this gem from the Krassensteins).

What this does is lower them into a false sense of security. They spew their unhinged bullshit, see it get 50k likes, and think that’s an indicator of success. Meanwhile, most users on twitter aren’t politically active and will see that for what it is – unhinged partisan nonsense.

Take the #NRABoycott campaign for example. Leftists have been calling NRA members murderers, heartless, and terrorists all day long while pressuring sponsors to drop the NRA. They succeeded in getting Enterprise Rent A Car to drop their NRA discount – but is that a success?

Hardly one if you ask me. Now I’m spitballing here, but, if anything, Enterprise will probably LOSE business for giving in to the colosseum lynch mob that is Twitter. The fact they offered that discount in the first place had to be the result of some kind of market research. Instead of thinking rationally, Enterprise hopped on twitter to appease the mob.

The blue check marked “stars” will pat themselves on the back, jerk off to some anime porn, and then get right back to it. Meanwhile, Trump supporters will boycott the company and everyday people will at best not care and in some cases, be offended.

As for the double standard in the handling of bots, that only gives conservatives a bigger voice. The fact that Twitter feels the need to silence conservatives shows that they’re scared. They know that they’re losing the culture war, they know that nobody wants to see their “moments” about Colin Kaepernick’s favorite cereal, and they know that lots of people use Twitter specifically for Trump’s tweets. The “Streisand effect” comes to mind with what Twitter is doing here. We ended up GAINING close to 100 followers in the aftermath of the Twitter lockout since people were pissed. Great job, Jack.

Long story short: let them have their echo chamber on twitter. It brings out the worst of the left and lowers them into a false sense of security. Plus, I enjoy watching the blue check marked goons fall victim to the Trump curse one at a time. Kurt Eichenwald’s tentacle porn, William Legate crying and begging to be left alone, David Corn the sexual predator – the list goes on and on. My personal favorite is “Shaf Patel“, the blind hacker who takes time out of his day to tweet hate tweets to himself. Watching these people drop like flies is kind of hilarious and provides for some great memes.

So please leftists, by all means enjoy your echo chamber.

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