The Al Michaels Harvey Weinstein Joke And Selective Outrage


During the Broncos- Giants game last night, Al Michaels made a joke about accused sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. “The Giants are coming off a worse week than Harvey Weinstein” Michaels said in a joking manner. His colleague, Chris Collinsworth, cracked up a little bit and I also found it to be pretty funny.

Of course, Twitter instantly jumped on Michaels, who later issued an apology. The always unbiased “Twitter Moments”, aka (insert liberal opinion) followed by (insert hipsters who are verified for some reason tweeting that opinion), were all over him.

What is particularly telling about this situation is the selective outrage shown by the left wing media. The Weinstein situation wasn’t touched by late night hosts nearly as much as say, President Trump. The media machine spends countless hours telling “jokes” about President Trump that amount to nothing more than juvenile insults, but jokes about the beloved Harvey are off limits.

The most obvious example of this is how jokes from SNL are received compared to the one Michaels made. SNL has divulged into a non-stop Trump bashing fest that isn’t even funny 90% of the time. Most recently, Michael Che referred to President Trump as a “bitch” and a “cracker” in jokes that weren’t even funny. The only punchline this material had is that Trump is a bitch, but that didn’t stop the audience from going wild.

Isn’t that so FUCKING funny dude. Where do you guys come up with this stuff?!?!? I can’t wait to be told what to be outraged about next week!

Lorne Michaels trains a member of the audience to laugh whenever someone sneezes

Meanwhile, Al Michaels is torn to shreds for making a joke that made me laugh. No cursing, no insulting of anyone other than Weinstein. It was just a regular dad joke.

Getting Offended Solves Nothing

Look, I’m not the guy who wants to go around policing jokes and telling people what they can and can’t say. My only point is that jokes that are cheered on by the mainstream media are oftentimes far more incendiary than jokes that people are ridiculed for. If people said the things SNL says about Trump about say, Obama, they would be labelled as a racist or a bigot. With Trump, its OK to say whatever you want about him or his supporters because fuck them, right? No I mean literally, Seth Meyers says you can fuck off.

But hey, if you wanna laugh like a trained seal at some no talent hack spewing insults he didn’t even write, be my guest. Just don’t turn around and lecture the rest of the world at what they can and can’t laugh at.

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