On November 5th, Leftists Plan On Turning Themselves Into A Meme

Since Donald Trump’s candidacy began, triggered liberals have been making themselves into memes. From Shia LaBeouf’s “he will not divide us” project to the yuppie fest that was Michael Moore and Olivia Wilde protesting in New York, people have been making utter fools of themselves. This trend is only continuing as President Trump’s culture war with the NFL drags on.

Just yesterday, Vice President Pence made headlines for leaving the Colts-49ers game after multiple players knelt for the national anthem. As usual, leftist social media was up in arms about the move.

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw that one of my friends was “interested” in going to an event that is sure to teach Trump a lesson!

How is this even real

That’s right. On November 5th, 2017, upwards of 6,000 sheltered college students and hipsters will be kneeling in front of the White House so that Trump and Pence “will leave”.

Of course what’s hilarious about this is that if it goes down, these fools will be doing nothing more than making themselves into the meme of the year. Trump baits and the snowflakes bite. The cycle goes on and on. Instead of focusing on key issues like the economy and national security, the left has doubled down with more temper tantrums about Trump and making a big deal out of obscure social issues.

The saddest part is that a-lot of these people truly believe that they are fighting against some fascist regime. Just look at those people in that Olivia Wilde video! You can see it in their eyes that they really think we’re living in Weimar Germany.

For an evil, fascist dictator, President Trump sure allows a-lot of free speech-don’t you think? But hey, why live in reality when you can major in philosophy off of your parents’ money and tell yourself you’re changing the world?

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