Vox Defends Antifa Violence In Incredibly Hypocritical Video

One would think that even the dimmest of bulbs would have realized that defending Antifa is not wise at this point. After Steven Crowder’s undercover video, the violent tactics of the alt-left terror group have been documented and exposed. Well, apparently nobody told Vox because that’s exactly what they did in their latest propaganda video. The video is your typical Vox garbage where hipster Carlos Maza explains the news to us because there’s just no way we can figure it out ourselves. As usual, Maza talks in a condescending tone and the video is full of dramatic music and carefully edited sound bytes to make right-wing hosts look stupid. While Vox has made dozens of incredibly painful videos, this one takes the cake for absurdity.

The video has 28k dislikes and can be watched here.

For starters, Maza refers to events as “white supremacist rallies” that have absolutely nothing to do with white supremacy. This includes the August rally at Berkeley where masked Antifa members attacked several innocent people. This fits the leftist pattern of “everyone I disagree with is a Nazi/white supremacist”, slightly different from the “everyone I disagree with is a Russian bot” approach often seen on Twitter.

Maza describes Antifa as “an umbrella term that describes a group that shows up to protest Neo-Nazis and white supremacists”. What he doesn’t mention is that “Nazi” to Antifa is anybody who disagrees with them. For example, Antifa has referred to Milo Yiannopoulos as a white supremacist, a gay writer who recently married a black man.

The video then goes on to describe how the media often covers protests. They describe how the media typically will show the most violent and rowdy protesters while leaving out the peaceful ones who make up the vast majority of the crowd. This is called “outlier bias”. There is nothing wrong with this statement, if it wasn’t so hypocritical.

Vox, like most leftist outlets, were quick to label all demonstrators at the Charlottesville rally as white supremacists. While I find the whole “white identity politics” movement to be stupid as hell, the fact is that only a select few at that rally were white supremacists. Many were there to protest the removal of the statue, but Vox has portrayed it as some mega Nazi rally multiple times. Vox is complaining that the media portrays all protesters as Antifa while labeling everyday right wingers as “white supremacists” in the same video.

They then go on to talk about how focus on Antifa’s tactics takes away from the substance of the protests. In other words, Antifa is kinda sorta OK because they’re protesting the evil alt-right.

I’m just gonna say it man. At this point, Vox is worse than TheYoungTurks.

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