Top 10 Dumbest Gun Control Tweets Following The Las Vegas Massacre

While most Americans are grieving and coming together, some have wasted no time in politicizing this tragedy. As we saw after Sandy Hook, leftists are using the shooting to appeal to emotion in an effort to ram through gun control.

At first, it seemed as though the terrorist was using a fully automatic weapon which are essentially banned. It has now come to light that the terrorist, Stephen Paddock, was in possession of two “bump stocks”. A bump stock allows a semi-automatic to essentially be modified into an automatic weapon. In the coming weeks, expect a debate over the merits of banning these kinds of stocks.

That aside, several leftists made absolute fools of themselves in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. Some of these statements are utterly heartless and deplorable, others are downright hilarious due to the pure ignorance behind them. Here are the top ten, and believe me, it was tough to pick ten.


Leave it to Hillary Clinton to be completely insensitive while also sticking her foot in her mouth. Hillary called for “putting politics aside” while attacking the NRA in her previous tweet. Absolutely astounding! The notion that silencers would have made any difference is just completely ignorant. Silencers don’t completely silence a gun like they do in the movies. A silencer essentially lowers the volume of a gun to that of a jackhammer.

Still though, the spineless Paul Ryan shelved the upcoming bill. Ryan managed give Hillary a political victory on a completely irrelevant tweet that she could have been blasted on. Typical.


Willie thinks that the government is gonna let us all have or very own fat-man. We should probably just start stocking up on Rad-X now as a precaution.



Ah, the good old “the founders wrote that when they had flintlock pistols and muskets” argument. I love how this argument assumes that the founders had absolutely no idea that guns would get more advanced. Anyone familiar with Thomas Jefferson knows that he was very well read and surely knew that guns would become more advanced. The founders never intended weapons to be simply for hunting; they wanted them as a last resort against a tyrannical government.


Lady Gaga says the blood is on the hands of those who refuse to legislate. Not those who, you know, pull the trigger. I wonder if Lady Gaga will be willing to waive all the armed officers who protect her at her shows? You see, Lady Gaga believes in security for herself but not us silly peasants. We simply cannot be trusted.


Ah yes, the classic “Australia argument”. This stance leaves out so many factors including culture and the sheer amount of guns in the U.S., not to mention that pesky second amendment. Suicide rates are actually on the rise in Australia, though suicides by firearm are down since the 1993 ban.

The simple reality is what works for Australia will not work for the United States. Guns have been firmly embedded in this country’s framework since it’s inception. Some statistics suggest there are more guns than people here. A buyback program would not significantly reduce the amount of weapons like it did in Australia.


Just last week buddy.


You don’t need to say anything! People pay you for your music, not your political views.

Seriously man, nothing is worse than being lectured about politics at a concert. Besides, does anybody even listen to Paramore anymore?


Nope. The NRA is simply a lobby who’s sole purpose is to defend the second amendment. This type of rhetoric is not only stupid, it is dangerous. Comparing the gun lobby to an organization like ISIS is just asinine.


Good to know that Pocahantas got over her “heartsickness” in a matter of seconds. Never let a good crisis go to waste I suppose.


You can’t legally own a machine gun in the U.S. unless it was purchased before 1986 dumb ass. Stick to making your cheesy videos where you stand in a park and yell at the camera as mothers huddle their children in.

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