Gargoyle James Clapper Continues To Undermine President Trump


James Clapper needs to go back to the top of Notre Dame Cathedral and stop making comments about President Trump. Clapper, who famously lied under oath when he said that the NSA did not spy on ordinary Americans, continues to present his opinions as fact to his cronies on CNN. The former director of intelligence has said President Trump isn’t fit to have the nuclear codes following his Phoenix rally, was outraged by the firing of the incompetent James Comey, and is considered a chief authority on all Russia propaganda. Most recently, the gargoyle said that “our intelligence community assessment did serve to cast doubt on the legitimacy of his victory in the election” amidst the latest round of Russia hysteria.

So let me get this straight. Clapper was the main intelligence figure in the United States and he is just now divulging this information? If Clapper truly felt this way, wouldn’t we have heard about it by now? It certainly is odd that Clapper likes to spill his guts every so often when the media is really revving up the Russia narrative. Mueller investigation hitting a brick wall? Send Clapper out there to make baseless, broad, and enormous accusations that Twitter hipsters will lap up and tweet essays about.

Of course, the United States interferes in elections all the time. Obama made no secret of this during the last Israeli election. What is also never mentioned is that China not only does the sames things that Russia does, but is far more effective at it. The simple fact is that those who have held power for decades feel their grip loosening on the American people and need a boogeyman to direct anger at. That boogeyman is Putin’s Russia, and they are attempting to disenfranchise millions of Americans by telling them their votes didn’t matter.

The latest claim is that Russia influenced the election with Facebook ads and “Russian trolls” on social media. Completely ignoring the will of more than 50 million Americans, Clapper and the rest of the deep state are laying the ground work for overturning the election results. They are also laying out their plans to silence social media opposition by labeling everything as “Russian propaganda”.

The writing is on the wall. Twitter and Facebook have begun massive crackdowns on “bots” with thousands of pro-Trump accounts suspended. Milo is banned from Twitter, but radical black supremacists like Tariq Nasheed are allowed to use the platform to spew their venom. This of course, is a Soviet style tactic that the sheep will never even be aware of. In the words of Stalin’s former head of secret police, Lavrentiy Beria, “show me the man and I will show you the crime”. The deep state will continue to push the Russia narrative and label all those who oppose them as “Russian assets” until their power is secured. This is dangerous rhetoric to say the least.

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