Leftists React To President Trump’s Speech At The UN General Assembly

This morning, President Trump delivered a crucial foreign policy speech where he hammered North Korea. Referring to Kim Jong Un as “rocketman”, Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea if the United States or it’s allies are threatened with aggression. You can read the full transcript of Trump’s speech here. As was to be expected, leftists are more concerned with Trump’s word choice than they are about dealing with geopolitical threats.

Kim starves his own people? Crickets. Kim threatens to murder millions of innocent Americans? Crickets. North Korea continues to develop nuclear missiles and threaten humanity? Crickets. Trump calls Kim Rocketman?! Oh hell no, that must not stand!

Well Joy, he “praised Russia” because Russia voted with the United States on sanctions against North Korea. This is a rare move, as Russia and China routinely block U.S. lead resolutions just because they can. It seems as though Joy is hellbent on conflict with Russia, interesting coming from the party of the “Russia reset”.

Is this a parody account? We seriously have to ask at this point. Leave it to Tariq to liken the treatment of blacks in the United States to that of people under an oppressive regime where the leader is worshiped as a god-like figure.

Chill out Larry, we know what he meant. It really is astonishing to see the lengths leftists will go/spin to criticize Trump. The Kim regime prioritizes nothing but military spending while his people starve in the streets. He also threatens their existence every time he launches a missile over Japan. But no, it is Trump who is begging for conflict and threatening a “war crime” by stating the fact that North Korea would be destroyed in a conflict; a conflict brought on by rocketman.

Hillary warned us that her book would be garbage but people bought it anyway! This account says nothing of Bill Clinton’s failure to contain North Korea, but is a pro Hillary account even worth arguing with?

I’d like to apologize to anyone reading this. We have an imbecile on Twitter who acts as if the earth opened up whenever President Trump breathes. We are actively trying to do something, but Keith has already been fired from ESPN and MSNBC so this should sort itself out soon enough.

The list goes on and on, but you get the picture. Leftists long for the days of the Obama administration where we capitulate to rogue regimes and theocracies. Obama gave Iran enormous concessions only to be left with a departing gift of humiliated U.S. sailors. Trump may talk tough and there are potentially hard times ahead, but appeasement and weakness have lead us to the place where we are right now. Times like this call for unity, not petty partisan Twitter scraps.

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