Nancy Pelosi joined the growing chorus of liberals who have condemned Antifa on Tuesday by releasing a comment. “The violent acts of people calling themselves antifa in Berkeley this weekend deserve an unequivocal condemnation, and the perpetrators should be arrested and prosecuted” she said in a statement.

Pelosi isn’t the only prominent liberal to speak out against the violent anarchist group. The Washington Post put out a piece where they pointed out that innocent demonstrators were attacked and Joe Scarborough tore into them on his show. “They’re fascists in their behavior. There is nothing anti-fascist about that” Scarborough said on “Morning Joe”.

When your mom says she has dinosaur chicken nuggets waiting for you when you get home from the protest

So there you have it folks! Nancy Pelosi is showing stronger leadership than most spineless GOP lawmakers. I never thought I would be saying this, but credit has to be given where it’s due!

Of course what is most troubling is the fact that we have seen no such statement from Speaker Ryan, Marco Rubio or John McCain. All three joined the leftist bombardment of President Trump’s “failure” to condemn white supremacy groups even though he did exactly that multiple times. There is simply no excuse for this. When black-clad, masked anarchist groups are chanting “No USA at all” and beating innocent people with bike locks, that should be condemned from leaders of both parties.

Instead, Republican lawmakers cower to the leftist media machine and remain trapped inside the DC beltway while Nancy Pelosi condemns antifa. Paul Nehlen, a Republican who looks to give the speaker a challenge in the primary, called Ryan “a coward” for not condemning the group. “We choose the factual high ground. Antifa are far worse inasmuch as their violence is PC sanctioned by the liberal media, the pseudo-intelligencia on college campuses, and the D.C. globalists, including Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol and so many others” Nehlen said in an interview.

Nehlen isn’t the only Republican seeking to challenge establishment candidates in primaries. What the Tea Party often talked about is coming to fruition with challengers popping up in Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Arizona among other places. These movements are gaining ground too, with recent polling suggesting that Jeff Flake is badly underwater against his challenger Kelli Ward.

This trend will continue as long as RINOS like McCain, Graham and Ryan continue to say one thing and vote for another while Nancy Pelosi shows leadership. Watch out country club Republicans, the American people are tired of your empty promises

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