Tariq Nasheed Cheers On Alt-Left Violence In Berkeley

Tariq Nasheed is a man with a unique ability to out anybody he disagrees with as a white supremacist. He sits on twitter all day howling at the moon, blaming non existent boogeymen instead of actually trying to help “his people”.

You see, Tariq is a black nationalist and doesn’t even hide it. His bigotry is not only accepted, it is cheered on by those in the media. Take a look at his twitter and you will soon see that the man cares nothing for anybody who isn’t black. He refers to other groups as “they” and blacks as “us”.

I care about all Americans, black, white or purple, but the same cannot be said for Tariq. Tariq has no interest in helping the black community. On a day where thousands of black Americans are trapped in their homes due to catastrophic flooding in Houston, Tariq has not tweeted about it once. I’ve seen progressives who I never agree with use their platform to tweet out emergency phone numbers, I’ve seen progressives I never agree with retweet victims of the flooding asking for rescue, many of whom are black, but you will find no such thing from Tariq.

Instead what you will find is an endorsement of alt-left thugs and anarchists beating people they disagree with during the latest unrest at Berkeley.

Tariq used his white supremacy sixth sense to call these men white supremacists despite any evidence of this in the video, or anywhere. This is a man who labels anyone he disagrees with as a white supremacist, coon, uncle tom, you name it. He uses the same tactics that Nazis used while claiming to be against fascism.

The truth of the matter is that Tariq Nasheed is truly against one thing and that is unity. This man doesn’t want all Americans to get along, nor does he want to heal the wounds of our past. All he wants to do is rip them wide open and line his pockets off of misguided anger. He wants to drum up anger, point fingers, and blame people today for the sins of people who have been dead for decades.

It’s amazing that Milo is banned from twitter but this bigot has a platform to spew his hate.

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