Add MLB Umpires To The List Of Triggered Groups

Yup, you read that correctly. Some MLB umpires are triggered by “abusive player behavior” and wore white wristbands during a few of Saturday’s games to make a statement.

The umpires claim this is a larger issue, but the event that set everything in motion was seemingly Ian Kinsler calling out longtime umpire Angel Hernandez after being ejected for arguing balls and strikes. Hernandez is the same umpire who is currently bringing a lawsuit against the MLB where he accuses the league of discriminating against him for his Cuban heritage.

Personally, I think its great to see the umpires taking a stand for such an important cause. After all, the main reason I go to baseball games is to see the umpires. Sales in Angel Hernandez and Joe West jerseys have never been higher, so the fan base is sure to be thrilled that the umpires are finally taking a stand.

But seriously umpires, nobody really cares that your feelings are hurt. We pay money to see the players play and instituted instant replay because you guys kept blowing games, even perfect games. Tempers are bound to flair sometimes and when guys cross the line they are usually fined accordingly.

Wearing arm bands to protest the mistreatment of umpires has to be one of the dumbest protests in an era of really dumb protests, and that’s really saying a lot.

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