I Thought This Was A Meme…Sadly It’s Real


I honestly thought this was a meme when I saw someone share it on Facebook. I mean wow, just look at this thing. This is what happens when 65 year old hippies need jobs so universities have to create made up “material” just to keep people employed. The stupidity of this chart is almost incomprehensible.

Starting with the right, we have “covert white supremacy”. Over here we’ve got “assuming that good intentions are enough”, “celebrating Columbus Day”, and being a “self appointed white ally”.

That’s right people, it is now covert white supremacy to advocate on behalf of the black community unless you are “appointed” by somebody. Forget the fact that millions of white Americans really do want to better the lives of the black and all communities because I mean, we’re all Americans. But nope, we have to divide ourselves into groups based solely on the color of our skin. It would be covert white supremacy to do otherwise.

And here I thought the civil rights movement was about ending segregation

The middle portion is equally astounding; that’s where we see all the effects that the Neo-Nazis and KKK ruling class have on us, all like 6,000 of them in a country of 323 million.

There’s just too much absurdity to unpack in the middle there, so lets just go over some over a couple of the most insane.

“Cultural appropriation” has always been one of my favorite SJW terms. To them, bringing people together through things like music and sports is a terrible thing.

Its also funny how “we’re all just one big family” is now considered white supremacy for SJW’s because they invented the shit out of saying that.

Anti immigration policy/practices? So why isn’t Japan being forced to take in any immigrants? We take in millions but apparently advocating for anything more than complete open borders is now, you guessed it, a symptom of white supremacy.

Fittingly, the left is the most absurd. It is socially unacceptable to accept the “fact” that you have inherent privileges in the United States purely based on the color of your skin. Yes, the only thing that gets you anywhere is your skin color and saying anything otherwise is white supremacy. Such tolerance being preached from the left these days.

My absolute favorite on this chart is how it is “overt white supremacy” to be a Trump supporter. Never mind the fact that Trump had less whites and more non-whites vote for him than Mitt Romney.

Be sure to let the millions of Trump’s non-white supporters that they’re white supremacists!

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