The 10 Most Insane Tweets About President Trump’s Press Conference


Another day, another spin factory. Days after a deadly rally ended with violence in Charlottesville, President Trump spoke to reporters about his plans for infrastructure reform at Trump Tower. After making his statement, Trump answered questions from the media which mostly had to do with the rally and the subsequent terrorist attack that followed.

Trump disavowed Neo-Nazis and the KKK multiple times throughout the press conference, honored the person who lost her life by calling her “an incredible young woman”, and condemned violence from both sides. You can read the full transcript here.

Of course, the talking heads took to twitter to give us their hot take on how Trump is a Nazi supporter despite condemning Nazis multiple times. Here are the 10 most ridiculous reactions to President Trump’s press conference.


OMG, no he didn’t! What he actually did was rightfully pose a hypothetical question. If we are going to have mobs tearing down confederate monuments like we saw in Durham, who is to stop the same mobs from diminishing George Washington’s legacy? After all, Washington was a slave owner. Trump didn’t “liken” our founders to anybody. He was simply pointing out that mob rule has no end.


Oh look, Chelsea Handler is calling for a military coup, again. She has become quite the spokesperson for authoritarian rule lately. Interesting take from someone who is supposedly opposed to a dictatorship.


Ah, Keith Olbermann. It wouldn’t be a Tuesday, or well, any day without an overly dramatic rant from Keith. Every video this guy makes is done in the most outrageous tone; you’d think the sky is falling every time he opens his mouth.

Trump didn’t “defend” Neo-Nazis, he called them out BY NAME* multiple times.

But that won’t stop Keith. My mans is determined to dress like its 1943 and also act like it by hosting a show called “The Resistance”.


Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. Of course we all know that just a few weeks ago, Congressman Steve Scalise and a couple of Capital Police officers were shot by a man who volunteered for Bernie’s presidential campaign. Sanders gave a speech that was very similar to the one Trump gave on Saturday and never called out any specific ideology or group. There was no media backlash against Bernie for making such a similar statement, but its not like I expected anything different.

Bernie, its just intellectually dishonest to say that Trump is “embarrassing Americans who died to defeat Nazism” over a statement he made in which he calls Nazis out by name and condemns them.


It wouldn’t be a Trump bashing festival without a weigh in from J.K. Rowling. She apparently spends most of her time in the alternate reality she created because she sure is good at making issues where none exist. All Trump supporters are now racist because Trump gave a speech where he condemns racism and violence? Sounds reasonable.


Adam Schiff is a leftist from the school of “I have nothing to run on other than grandstanding”. This guy’s entire political career is essentially built on the Russia investigation. Isn’t it odd that as soon as the Russia investigation starts to loose steam we’re back to the “Trump’s a Nazi” routine?


Trump is a white supremacist for giving a statement where he condemns white supremacy, got it? Such an inclusive message this guy has!


Just a day after saying that President Trump “isn’t fit to be human“, Ana Navarro demands impeachment with the argument of a five year old. “Forget that none of the other reasons I wanted Trump impeached haven’t been factual, I want him impeached because he’s a jerk”.


Is there anything Tariq won’t blame on white supremacy? Its sort of interesting that the guy who does nothing but label has the authority to decide what labels we can and can’t use for violent thugs that beat people with clubs.


I’m a fan of Ben Shapiro and think he’s incredibly solid with his points, but I really think he’s making something out of nothing here. Ben knows more than anybody about the rise of the violent left, he even wrote about it yesterday.

But nothing in Trump’s statement today was an endorsement of violence from those on the right. He disavowed extremists on both sides and honored the victim; a person who almost certainly was no fan of his.

I get why Ben is wary of the rise of the alt-right as he is a frequent target of anti-semitism, but I disagree with his take on this. White supremacists are a tiny fringe who are disavowed by all and by taking this narrative he is making it easy for people to lump all Trump supporters as Nazis.

So there we have it, the ten most ridiculous tweets in a day of many ridiculous tweets. I’m sure J.K. Rowling will outdo herself within the week.

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