It Is Clear What The Left Is Trying To Do With Charlottesville: Divide And Conquer

You would think that the same people who preach about diversity and peace after every ISIS attack would be preaching the same in the wake of this weekend’s terrible events. Instead of stressing the message that violent individuals do not represent millions of people, Democratic leaders across the country instantly seized on this opportunity to specifically denounce white supremacy.

Now lets be 100% clear: I detest white supremacy and have nothing to do with it. I detest any ideology or group that prioritizes skin color, sexual orientation, gender, or anything more than individualism.

But let us also be clear about this folks; white supremacy has NOTHING to do with conservatism and the conservative movement. Totalitarianism has nothing to do with preserving the constitution and protecting the rights of EVERY American citizen. Do not for one second feel like you need to bow down to liberal twitter mobs demanding that you submit to their virtue signalling. If you have nothing to be guilty of, don’t show guilt.

Also do not pretend like we do not all see what is clearly going on here. JK Rowling, a woman who made a fortune off of writing books about wizards, was quick to conflate every Trump supporter with Nazism based on a few virgins holding Nazi flags.

Keep in mind that Rowling is the same woman who tweeted this.

So JK has absolutely no problem calling out people who paint Muslims with a broad stroke (agreed), but then proceeds to do the same exact thing when it comes to Trump supporters?

The simple truth is this. The demographics in the west are shifting as white birthrates decline and immigration/minority birthrates continue to rise. In response, the left has embarked on a campaign of fear and divisiveness where they propagate the myth of a white supremacist society that has kept its thumb on minorities for decades.

While it is certainly true that the United States has plenty of baggage when it comes to its racial history, it also has plenty of progress to its name. A country where blacks had to use separate water fountains elected a black president less than 100 years later, black athletes like Lebron James and entertainers like Jay- Z are amongst the most powerful non-politicians in the world, and people of all ethnic backgrounds exist peacefully in every American city.

Instead of celebrating these monumental achievements, the left chooses instead to focus on past injustices that nobody alive today had anything to do with. They also say nothing about the Arab slave trade, the Persian Empire, warring Native American tribes, and countless other acts of violence and supremacy from non white cultures. Most of these people honestly believe that only white people have colonized, only white people have held slaves, only white people have committed genocide.

As for the myth of some vast white supremacist society where all white people are somehow responsible, look no further than the simple fact that Asians earn more than white men do in the US. If white supremacy rules over all, how come non-white Americans are able to outshine their white counterparts? I thought everything is designed to keep people of color down no matter how subtle? Whats up with this stat that destroys my narrative man?

So make no mistake that when Democratic leaders make it a point to specifically call out white supremacy while condemning the rally, they are insinuating that all white people, especially Trump voters, are racist and stand with Nazis. There is no coincidence that they tweet about Muslim cab drivers giving free rides after Manchester and tweet this after Charlottesville. It is a calculated political move that will benefit nobody but leftist elites and courts radical black power movements.

I don’t like to use the word hate, but I really hate identity politics. Defining people by their skin color is un-American. It is high time that the left answers for their divisive rhetoric and use of identity politics if we are to denounce its culmination in white America as well.

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