These Lawn Signs Are Worse Than Political Ones


Ever since the election I’ve noticed a huge uptick in these “hate has no home here” signs around the area. You see them on lawns, in store windows, on the side of highways. A lot of times they have the main text written in a bunch of different languages to really amplify the smug.

Translation: Pretentious douchebags have a home here

The problem I have with this is not the sign or the message, but what they imply.

Clearly, this sign states that “Everyone who voted for Trump is a racist, bigot, whatever buzzword I’ve been told to use and I’m not one of them :)”. The type of person who would put this virtue signalling monstrosity on their lawn is the same type of person who needs to post 50 snapchats at a concert.

You see, people like this measure their self esteem based on how everyone else sees them as opposed to how comfortable they are with themselves. You can’t just go to a concert and enjoy it; everyone on your friend’s list needs to know that you were there and had fun.

The “hate has no home here” sign crowd are the same way. The majority of these people won’t give to charity, won’t be active in their community, they will just throw their sign up to signify that they are indeed better than you.

Which I guess just sums up the left in general. Who needs facts and data when everyone I know agrees with me and everyone who doesn’t is a xenophobic islamaphobe.

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