The Real Reason Why People Dislike Colin Kaepernick


Turn on ESPN these days and chances are you’ll hear about poor Colin Kaepernick at least once. Kaepernick has not been able to land a job after opting out of his contract and has, of course, been acting like a victim.

ESPN doesn’t seem to understand that they are part of the reason why Kaepernick doesn’t have a job, but that isn’t what I want to talk about here. I want to ask why we should feel any sympathy for a loudmouth, privileged douche who CHOSE to walk away from fourteen million dollars?

That’s right. Even after Kaepernick caused a distraction for an entire year the team didn’t cut him. Instead, he chose to walk out on his contract in search of another deal. Unsurprisingly, nobody signed him because they want to win football games and not have to cater to his BS all season.

Ask anybody who’s a fan of Kaepernick’s activism and they will tell you that he’s being blackballed by the NFL because of systemic racism. The reality is that Colin is just ignorant and is more of a mouthpiece than anything. He has turned down multiple interviews to express his viewpoint, something that somebody who actually cares about their views would do in a heartbeat.

The reason for that is because Colin doesn’t even know what hes protesting. His mind has just been warped by the media to have viewpoints that aren’t backed up by anything more than emotion. If they weren’t, he would have no problem backing them up at length. Instead he just likes to give ridiculous speeches while wearing pig cop socks.

In addition to just being a loudmouth, Kaepernick has never experienced any of the things he claims are so prevalent in this evil, oppressive shit-hole we call the USA. Adopted by white parents at a young age, Kaepernick was raised in a loving family and was given every opportunity to succeed.

You could say “But Colin is giving a voice to underprivileged black children across America”. Once again, Colin isn’t giving a voice so much as he is directing rage at the wrong places. All Kaepernick has done is drum up hatred towards the United States by making it sound like an apartheid regime where blacks are hunted in the streets by roaming gangs of rednecks in pickup trucks. A country where no matter how hard you grind, your black skin will hold you back.

This guy will tell you all about it

Colin Kaepernick is living proof that the USA is the opposite of any of that. He was given a home and loved by his parents despite having a different skin color, he was paid millions of dollars to play the game he loves in front of millions, he got to play on the biggest stage in sports when he started in the Super Bowl, and most importantly he was given a platform to trash the country that gave him all of that.

Still, Kaepernick seems like he wants to play. He was recently in discussions to join the Baltimore Ravens and has gotten support from players across the league including Malcom Jenkins, Michael Bennett, and Arian Foster.

But instead of grinding hard to get back to football, Kaepernick has gone full SJW. Which hey man, your call. But don’t turn around and whine about how unjust the NFL is just because nobody wants to give you a platform to host season 2 of Colin Kaepernick the series after every game.

Some will say “But Kaepernick has more talent than some backups in the league”. Honestly? I agree. From a pure football standpoint, I’d take Kaep over Dan Orlovsky in just about every system. But once again, the black cloud he brings negates what he brings on the field.

Before you cry systemic racism, this is the same exact reason why Tim Tebow is currently playing minor league baseball instead of playing in the NFL. Tebow wasn’t great, but he certainly wasn’t awful either.

The fact of the matter is that nobody wants a backup quarterback who is going to draw more press coverage than just about anything you do on the field. It negates the fact that Kaepernick has supporters across the country, and it negates the fact that Kaepernick jerseys continue to sell. Tebow had supporters and just like Kaepernick, he couldn’t find a place to land due to his off the field image.

Keep that in mind the next time Max Kellerman goes on a clickbait rant about how awful the NFL is.

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